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Full Moon Friday

There was a perfectly lovely moonrise last night!  So stunning that I had to stop in my tracks to gaze up at it for a while, breathing in its beauty.  Ah dusk and dawn.  Sigh…

I took out my phone to try and capture it, but as usual, I was not able to. I did manage this shot, which although it still falls quite short, it does capture some of the feels. I admit I used a filter to enhance it a bit, but only because this was more what it actually looked like to me. The colors gave me a serious case of heart eyes! 😍  I love the moon so much!


Wishing you a wonderful day and beauty that gives you heart eyes!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle


My contribution for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle


Colorful lights transform into hearts

doubling the joy their twinkle imparts.



This was another one of my failed attempts at photographing the last full moon we just had.  I purposely snapped it from indoors trying to capture it amidst all of the colorful little twinkling Christmas lights that I have hanging in my bedroom window.  But I hadn’t meant for them all to turn out looking like hearts, just got lucky there I guess.  😉

Even though it didn’t “turn out” how I was planning, I actually really like this photo.  It’s cute, and looking at all of the colorful little hearts makes me smile.  Not to mention how much I love the moon.  ❤


May you have a wonderful week ahead, filled with all that makes your heart twinkle!




✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Long Nights Moon


Even as the cold of winter tightens its icy grip

and the hours of blackness increase

the Long Nights Moon illuminates the darkness

glowing with its beautiful and mysterious light.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014



The full moon the other night was absolutely stunning, and once again I was out there attempting (and failing) to capture it with my camera.  But as I’ve said before, I love the moon so much and I’ll never stop trying…                             “Never give up! Never surrender!”    😉

December’s full moon is sometimes called the Full Cold Moon to signify winter’s colder temps setting in, or the Full Long Nights Moon because the nights become longer.  How wonderful of the moon to help make those longer nights a little more brighter.  ❤




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Goodbye Moon

It’s been said that people get weird during a full moon, but it’s when there’s a new moon that I get weird.  Yeah, yeah I know I’m pretty much already weird, but I mean aside from my usual weirdness.  😉  Well, I don’t actually get weird, but I sometimes seem to feel more emotionally and mentally unsettled during a new moon.  Of course, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I can’t help but wonder sometimes if there could be something more to it.  Like maybe it could have something to do with less gravity during a new moon that somehow affects the inner workings of my brain.  Hah yeah, I have no scientific basis whatsoever in saying that, I just pulled it out of nowhere.  See… signs that those inner workings are going haywire perhaps?  😉

Contrary to how I feel when there’s a new moon, during a full moon I always feel absolutely amazing and not weird at all ~ no more than usual that is.  😀  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I just really have a “thing” for the moon, all glowing and luminous, adorning the night sky, I love it!  ♥

And I will miss it tonight being that it’s a new moon and won’t be shining down upon me…

Although it’s no substitution for the actual moon, I recently received a lovely photograph of the moon that a friend of mine captured and had framed for me for my birthday.  So now no matter what phase the moon is in, I have it to look at anytime and feel happy.   She said that I was the inspiration behind it and that’s why she had it framed for me.  Such a wonderful, meaningful gift!  And such a dear, precious friend!  ♥

Below is the photo that she had framed for me (used with her permission), I edited it to add the quote at the bottom.  I didn’t write the quote and I don’t know where it originates from, but I think it’s a lovely sentiment and goes perfectly with the photograph…


Ah the moon…  Just beautiful isn’t it?  *Sigh*


Goodbye for tonight, moon…

Here is an earlier post (from one year ago, almost to the day) where I shared a bit more in depth about the “thing” I have for the moon, if you care to have a read.  Funny, the title is exactly the opposite as today’s…  “Hi Moon!”

Full Moon

Will I ever again look upon a full moon and feel completely happy?

For when it last shone from the sky, was when he said goodbye to me.

Did he notice the moon was full tonight and did he think of me,

or am I gone now from his thoughts, a forsaken memory?

© Julie Rehnelt 2013