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Black Friday

Ew it’s Black Friday.  Absolutely NOTHING could drag me out to the stores today, there is nothing I want or need bad enough, no sale good enough, that could make me subject myself to the torture of this shopping day.  Well, maybe if I needed toilet paper, but that would be about it.  😉  My daughter went out shopping one year for Black Friday with a friend of hers and basically had her life threatened over a parking space.  Yikes!  I know right?!

Sometimes I feel like I am the only woman on the planet who hates shopping, but I really do.  And I don’t really understand the whole fascination with shoes thing either.  Purses maybe (I love a cute purse), but shoes?  So confining, I’d rather go barefoot.

I do like giving though, but it has to be a meaningful gift.  The price is irrelevant, I’d spend $500 just as easily as $5, as long as it’s something special and was within my means.  I like having an excuse to give such as Christmas, a birthday or other special occasion, but the ones that are for no reason are what really tickle my fancy.  I have always loved Christmas, and I won’t propose to tell anyone what the season is about because it’s different for everyone, but I hate all of the commercialism and hype that surrounds the holidays, and if you read my last post you know I especially hate television commercials and all of the garbage that goes along with them.  Something indeed is seriously messed up there.

That being said, hey, if you happen to be one of those women who likes shopping today, no judgement here, by all means knock yourself out, enjoy the thrill of the hunt, have fun, hope you score some great items for you and yours, but please do try and keep things in perspective and mind your manners not to trample anyone along the way.  😉

Count me out, I’ll be at home eating leftovers…