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Capturing a Waterfall


Cool refreshing waters flow

traversing land formed long ago


A thunderous sound roaring wild and free

nothing can contain its jamboree


As it rushes over the steep rock wall

I attempt to capture a waterfall


© Julie Rehnelt 2015



My sister snapped the above photo of me as I was attempting to ‘capture’ the Upper Gooseberry Falls during a trip up to Lake Superior for my birthday last month.   I didn’t realize that she was including me in her photograph, I thought she was standing beside me taking a picture of the falls too, but it’s cool to see the perspective she captured with me off to the side like that.


Here’s what my perspective looked like.  Although I can’t really tell from the photo above which way I was holding my camera at the time, I know it was one of these two shots that I was taking, because the people are in the same positions as the one my sister took…




Speaking of people – there were tons of people all over the place while we were there, so it was hard to get a photo without people in it.  They were especially noticeable when I zoomed in…



I also had a hard time getting a shot of the Middle Falls without there being people in it…


But I mostly had a hard time taking this one because I had to climb over to a very precarious spot on the edge of the cliff to capture it at this angle – and I was in flip flops, which are not exactly the safest shoes for rock climbing.  😉


Here is a  shot I snapped of the middle falls once we ‘climbed’ down below…


Finally one without any people.


Well, except for this strange lady who was creeping behind me…


My seester   ❤

Who was once again taking pictures of me taking pictures.  But this time I was taking one of her too.  She’s not the only one who can be sneaky!



Gooseberry Falls State Park is a beautiful place and I had a wonderful time there capturing waterfalls with my sister.


Hope you capture something beautiful today…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1