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Adventures in Gardening Part 21 ~ In Between the Rain

It’s been storming and raining a lot lately which makes it a bit tricky to get out in the garden, but today while there was a break in weather I went out and poked around out there for a little while and was very pleased by what I saw…


Man, I do love me some zucchini and was so excited to find this little bad boy shooting out from under the giant leaves of one of my zucchini plants!  There’s tons more developing too!  This makes me one happy gardener!  🙂~

And my one lone strawberry plant that I bought on impulse and stuffed into a random pot sure is happily doing its thing!  It was hard to even get all of the action going on with this little plant into one shot.  Too bad I don’t have more room in my garden so I could grow more of these.~

Everything else is doing well too and I’m just so glad.  It was rocky there for a while with the bugs bugging.  There is still evidence of them here and there, but nothing like the destruction I was dealing with earlier.  Hopefully it stays that way.

My Bee Balm got a little damaged by some of the strong winds we had a few days ago and lost one of its main stalks, but the rest of it is still blooming away beautifully…~

And my English Lavender is now blooming too.  Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE lavender?!  😉~

There are two different yellow flowering perennials that I put in for my mom ages ago and don’t remember what they are, but look at how bright and beautiful their blooms are…

Anyone recognize either of these?


I noticed a couple of little mushrooms growing in my garden too.  I know they’re a fungus, but they’re still pretty cute.  It’s supposed to continue raining throughout this next week, so I hope my garden isn’t getting too much moisture.  That could cause all sorts of other problems.

But I’m gonna try not to worry about the “what-ifs” of tomorrow, and for now just enjoy the beauty of the present.  🙂

~Gardening is my therapy~

Adventures in Gardening Part 20 ~ Lookin’ Good

We had some thunderstorms roll through last night and I swear the plants in my garden were “charged up” by all the electricity mixed in with the rain because they certainly are lookin’ good today!


I went and picked up some bright cheerful “Duck-a-licious” Nasturtiums at the garden center and planted them in place of my deceased spinach a few days ago ~ they make me happy!~

Despite a few bug bites at the start, my new cucumbers are doing well.~

My zucchini is making itself quite at home and taking over the corner of my garden I allotted for it.~

My carrots are continuing to come along slowly but surely.~

My lettuce looks quite happy.  Maybe I am psychic because I see myself enjoying a fresh salad in the near future.  😉~

My celery is growing well.  I’ve never grown it before so I’m wondering and waiting for when I’m going to start seeing the formation of the stalks.~

My beans are continuing to get more and more new sets of leaves.~

My onions seem to be doing just fine growing in a pot.~

My tomatoes have perked up a bit.And are getting more flowers too…~

Happy little pods are beginning to grow in place of the blossoms on my peas.  I can’t wait to eat them!~

My basil had a rough start and the bugs were munching on it quite a bit, but it seems to have recovered.~

I’m letting my oregano bloom ~ it’s so pretty.~

My rosemary is growing well. ~

The pineapple sage I got is filling in very nicely.  The bugs were bothering it some, but it still seems to be growing vigorously.  It smells amazing!~

Chives aren’t too exciting to look at, but they’re healthy!~

More and more blooms and berries are developing on my strawberries!  ~

I don’t remember the name of this ground cover that I planted for my mom years ago, but it’s so pretty.~

And saving the best for last… my fave, my Lavender is starting to bloom!  This new French variety I got is very lovely and smells absolutely divine!   ♥ ♥ ♥


~Gardening is my therapy~

Adventures in Gardening Part 13 ~ Garden Center Goodies

I just couldn’t wait until my usual Mother’s Day kick-off to head to the garden nurseries for plants this year.  We had such an unbelievably early spring and with the lovely weather, it just wasn’t fair to make my inner gardening child wait any longer than absolutely necessary.  So off I went to visit a couple of garden centers that are located here in town ~ Bachman’s and Linder’s.

It was so wonderful just wandering around and taking it all in, both of these particular garden centers have an exceptionally pleasing atmosphere.  Whoever is in charge of their aesthetics is definitely doing it right!

Although I have specific nurseries that I prefer to buy my tomatoes and pepper plants at, I’m not as picky about my herbs.  So once I ventured into the herb area of the garden center, I started selecting ones I have planned (and ones I just got on a whim ;)) to put in my new garden this year.

My potting bench was so happy to finally have some potted plants setting on it ~ even if only temporarily until they get put in the ground…~

I picked up the regulars like Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, and Chives.  And of course… the ever constant veggie garden companion (and pest deterrent) Marigolds.

But I also got a few others that I haven’t got before like Apple-Mint…I had originally planned on Chocolate Mint ~ makes a delicious tea, but once I rubbed the leaves and smelled the aroma of this Apple Mint, I had to have it!


And the same thing happened when I saw (and smelled) this Pineapple Sage ~ I’m pretty sure my mouth was watering…I have no idea what I am going to do with it.  There was a mention on the tag of using it as a garnish, but it is soooo yummy that there has got to be more I can use it for.  I’m open for suggestions…


I also got some Lemon Verbena, Celery, and one lone Strawberry plant…I wasn’t planning on planting strawberries ~ we usually go to the farm and pick our fill there.  I think it was the sweet little pink bloom that sucked me in and made me have to buy it.  I don’t know where I’m putting it yet, but I’ll find a spot…


Another not planned herb that I ended up with was lavender…This is a French Lavender variety that I haven’t seen before.   And the smell… now there’s something you need to understand about me and lavender… “we’re like this.”

Or here… this may explain it a bit better ~ For the Love of Lavender ♥, an earlier post of mine.  I have tried for years without success to grow Lavender as a perennial here in Minnesota, so I’m potting up this little baby (and the English Lavender that I also bought ;)) and bringing it inside when the weather gets cold.  🙂


I’ll be planting all these bad boys tomorrow and there’s simply nothing better than breathing in the wonderful scents of herbs while gardening…

I’ll also be making more visits to the garden nurseries this upcoming weekend, and selecting my tomatoes and peppers, not to mention some flowers ~ I’m so excited!

For the Love of Lavender ♥

Oh how I utterly and completely LOVE lavender!

It’s somewhat of an obsession actually.

And I’m addicted.  Like a drug.


Any sort of imaginings of what paradise would be like to me would have to include acres and acres of this beautiful, blissful, perfect plant.


Not only is purple my favorite color, but I can’t even describe how the wonderful, heavenly scent of lavender fixes me right up.  Doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing ~ inhaling it’s lovely fragrance instantly helps to set me at ease and puts me in a more peaceful place.  And that is hard to come by these days…

 ♥ Mmm… I wish I was sitting in this chair right now.  ♥


I could go on and on about how much I adore lavender and launch into a very lengthy and informative discussion about all of the health benefits lavender has to offer (because believe me there are many), but basically what it comes down to is… magic.  I truly believe when God created lavender He infused it with very special magical powers!  Especially in the way of rest and relaxation…


Twice now, I have had the privilege to travel to Sequim Washington which is located on the Olympic Peninsula, to visit the luscious lavender farms there.  The first time was by accident while on a Pacific Coast road trip with my sister who lived in the Seattle area at the time.  We just happened to pass through Sequim on our adventures.  Although, I have a sneaky suspicion that my sister, knowing full well of my lavender obsession, also knew about Sequim (known as the lavender capital of North America) being along our proposed route and planned for it to be a special surprise.  It was.  And I absolutely loved it!  Funny thing is, my sister hates the scent of lavender.  Or so she says…  I think she secretly likes it, but says she doesn’t just to be a punk.  No doubt though that she must love it at least for the fact that it reminds her of her little seester. ♥


♥ This is me overdosing in pure bliss ♥


A few years later while taking another Pacific Coast road trip, this time with our Mom and my Daughter along, I got to go to Sequim again.  They all indulged me and enabled me in my addiction as we visited several different farms where I went out into the fields and clipped and bundled numerous bouquets of my beloved lavender for myself.  There was also one place that had huge vats of dried bulk lavender in their storehouse where I scooped up pounds of that too.  I wanted to climb inside and roll around and revel in it!  It was like a dream!

It’s been many years since then, and I really hope to have the opportunity to go there again one day.  Or maybe to Provence!  😉


Until then I’ll just dream about it…


Here are a couple of links about Sequim lavender if you care to see more…

Weekend Window: Where the Lavender Scent Lingers



Also, do yourself a favor… sometime go and do a Google images search of the word lavender.  In writing this and looking for photos ~ it was a pretty and purpley feast for the eyes!  ♥