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One Last Time

I’m so excited!  My sister and I are taking a little trip to Middle Earth today one last time!  We’ve been “there and back again” many times over the years and it’s been a wonderful adventure!  😀

In case you’re not a nerd like me, and didn’t know… the third and final segment of the Hobbit movies came out on December 17th.  As with any movie that is based on a book, the films are never as good as the books, but I think they’ve done a great job with them and I’ve really enjoyed watching my most beloved story come to life on the big screen; first with the Lord of the Rings, and now The Hobbit.  I’m a huge fan of Tolkien and the wonderful, imaginary world he created in his stories ~ best reading adventure I’ve ever experienced!

And it’s all thanks to my big seester.  ❤

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, my sister introduced me to The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books, and I fell in love with the story of Middle Earth.  Then when the first film came out in 2001, her and I traveled there together ~ to the theater, and to Middle Earth.   😉

We were so excited and went on opening day to the very first showing.  We got to the theater hours ahead of time to be at the front of the line in order to get the best seats.  In my opinion the best seats are the ones in the middle of the middle ~ not too close, not too far, and smack dab in the middle, full front on with the screen.  Ordinarily I’m not such a stickler about my seats, but this was different, this was going to be an epic movie, of an epic story, my favorite story, of all time, so it was big deal, and we were so pumped!

And wouldn’t know that 3 minutes before the movie was to start, with the theater completely packed, only a few random single seats remaining, these two guys come in (did I mention it was 3 minutes before the movie was to start?) and expect us to move over a few seats so they could sit next together.  The audacity of some people!  Don’t come into the theater on opening day of the first showing of an epic movie 3 minutes before the movie is going to start and expect others who arrived hours ahead of time to get THE perfect seats, to move over for you!  Yeah… I said “no.”  And not very politely.  I may have seemed rude, but honestly, I thought they were being rude.  Sorry, but my laid back, good natured attitude has its limits, and apparently that was its limit.  😉

Needless to say, that was certainly a memorable movie-going experience.  My sister and I went to see the other two Lord of the Rings movies together as well, but thankfully, without any unpleasant seating arrangement incidences.

Today I’m not feeling quite as possessive about my seats (although we are planning to get there early), and it’s not the first showing on opening day, but I’m feeling almost as excited for this last Hobbit movie as I was for that first Lord of the Rings movie.

And I’m filled with nostalgia.

Feeling a bit of sadness at the ending of a movie journey in Middle Earth, and also feeling sentimental about precious memories from the various adventures that I’ve had with my big sister over the years.  Plus, it’s Christmas time.  ❤

Well, I had better get off this computer and go and get ready…



I’ll leave you with this clip of the movie.  Did I mention how excited I am to see it?!

And with this photo I snapped of what I’m sure is a “Hobbit hole” that we found while on one of our adventures through the Hoh Rainforest back in 2005…


I wonder if it leads to Middle Earth…?  😉


Hope your day leads to wonderful and magical places today!




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Things Rainy Days Are Good For…

Ordinarily I don’t get too upset over any particular type of weather, I like all kinds ~ be it snowstorms, thunderstorms (my favorite) or what have you.  It’s one of the reasons I like living in Minnesota ~ weather variety, and we certainly have that.  Sometimes we even get to experience all 4 seasons within the span of just one day.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you get my meaning.

Well, I’ve been finding myself getting a bit down about our weather lately.  First it was the extraordinarily long winter we had, and now it’s this seemingly unending rain.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the rain, I really do ~ the sound of it, the smell, how it makes everything so lush and green, but I need a sunny day or two here and there in between.  And that has been seriously lacking, the perpetual overcast sky gets depressing after a while.  It’s really something how the weather can affect ones’ mood and outlook on things.

I consistently strive to be content in any circumstances, even when it comes to the weather, and I think it’s helpful to try and focus on the positives of a situation, rather than the negatives.  Finding things to be thankful for and having a sense of gratitude every day is essential for me in living a joyful life.

But with this dreary weather… maybe it’s endurance that I lack, or perhaps it’s simply the monotony of it all that I’m finding so difficult, I don’t know, but ugh.

Anyway, in my customary ” try and look at the bright side of things” attitude, I’ve decided to make a list of some of the things that rainy days are good for, and I’m making you come along with me as I consider them.  😉

Rainy days are good for…



Omygosh is there anything cuter than a pile of napping puppies?!  I love this picture I found on deviantART!  I wish I had this adorable pile of puppies!  ♥  Yesterday the dreary weather made me so tired, I couldn’t hold out any longer and went to lay down.  Once I gave in to it, I wondered why I was resisting, it felt so nice to climb into bed and snuggle underneath the covers on such a cold, dreary day.  I didn’t have any puppies to nap with, but my cats soon followed my lead and came to join me, it was quite a comfort.


Rainy days are good for…



I saw a quote that said “Reading is like dreaming with your eyes open” and thought… yes, that it is!  I love reading, but often feel like I don’t have the time,  so rainy days are perfect for catching up on my reading.  If I don’t get too sleepy and end up taking a nap instead.  😉


Rainy days are good for…

Lighting candles


Lighting candles is one of my favorite things to do, no matter what the weather is.  The glow, the scent, the warmth, so cozy.


Rainy days are good for…

Watching a movie


I snapped this with my cell phone one evening quite some time ago.  My daughter and I were watching Finding Nemo, when my cat Sugar went and sat on the arm of the couch to get a closer look.  So cute!  Rainy days are perfect for snuggling on the couch watching a movie.  With or without a cat.  😉


Rainy days are good for…

Cleaning, organizing and getting indoor projects done


With remodeling my mom’s house, there is no shortage of indoor projects to do.  If only this dreary weather didn’t completely sap me of all energy and motivation.  😉   Although, I did repair our vacuum the other day (with my own two hands!)  *Patting myself on the back*  And I am doing laundry as I write this, if that counts…


Rainy days are good for…



S’mores cookies!  Mmm don’t these look freaking delicious?!  *Drools*  I’m gonna try and bake these one day.  (Click image to go the website I got this from)


Rainy days are good for…

Doing crafts


I love doing bead work, and bracelets are one of my favorite things to make.  I’ve gotten away from it recently, but I definitely plan to get back to it at some point.  Maybe I’ll even make this bracelet, it is purple after all.  😉  (Click image to go to the website for the free tutorial on how to make this bracelet)


Rainy days are good for…



Like writing a blog post.  😉


Rainy days are good for other things too, but these are the main ones I can think of at the moment.  I’ll have plenty of opportunity to discover more of them too, because the last time I checked the forecast, this drab, dreary weather is expected to continue through the weekend.  But the weather here is forever changing so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised…

What do you like to do on rainy days?


Isn’t it wonderful when you read a story or watch a movie that touches your heart in just the right place?  That goes down to that deep place inside of you and resonates in such a way that it actually inspires you to want to do something in your real life or change something in your way of thinking to help make you a better person or improve your life?  Or hasn’t that ever happened to you?  Heck, maybe it’s just me, I know I’m a bit weird and somewhat different from other people.  😉

But seriously, gosh, to be that good of a writer or movie director to be able to tell a story that has that kind of power to truly influence others in that way would be so amazing!  I think it’s all about being able to communicate effectively.  To be able to convey a thought or a feeling using words or pictures and have it reach another person in a way they can understand and relate to.  And there are sooo many different ways to communicate.  Oh how I love when I’m watching a movie and the mere expression in an actor/actress’ eyes tell it all.  Or when I’m reading and the words being used to describe something paint such a vivid picture in my mind that I can actually see it, and feel it.

Being able to communicate in that type of way is truly a gift, I wish I had it.  I have all of one segment written down of a nearly entire story that lives inside my head, and it took such great effort to get it written down and worded somewhat properly that it may never get any further than that.  Trying to write a made-up story is completely different than writing about and sharing the ins and outs of every-day-life type of stuff.

Communicating well and connecting with others is so very important to me, and whether it’s through writing or while talking, I think for the most part I usually do a pretty good job.  Although, every once in a while a misunderstanding or miscommunication is bound to happen.  The key is to be a good listener.  I think I’m a good listener, at least I hope I am.  I know that sometimes I need to be careful not to get so intent about something that I want to share that I fail to listen properly.  I can be a bit on the hyper side at times, especially if I’m excited about something.  😀

But it really is so important to be a good listener.  To me, being a good listener means to sincerely care about the other person and what they are saying.  I saw a quote once that said something like “The first duty of love, is to listen” and I really like that.  Sometimes showing love to others isn’t only about what you do for them, it’s about just simply being truly present there with them in their own moment as they share.  And not only listening, but hearing.  Communicating well goes both ways, it’s not just about expressing your own self.

Anyway, I don’t really know what my point here is…

How’s that for communicating?!  Hahaha!

I guess I’m just feeling all mushy because I like it when I feel things when I’m watching a movie, and I’m wishing I could do such a thing as to inspire others and make them feel stuff too.

Ya know, we all have these blogs as a forum to express and share our thoughts, feelings, interests, etc. with others, and we can only hope that our posts affect and influence others in some way that touches their lives with meaning.  Well, that’s why I have mine anyway.  Whether I accomplish that or not still remains to be seen.  I have tons of drafts that I’ve never published because sometimes I’m embarrassed to share them, thinking “oh my followers don’t want to hear about that” or because I don’t want to be a depressing downer when I’m feeling low because I always want to be a source of light and encouragement to others.

But maybe, just maybe, all of that doesn’t really matter because the thing about the internet is that you just never know who may happen across your path (blog) and just perhaps what you may have to say on any given day (even the embarrassing or depressing stuff) could possibly make them feel something that makes all the difference in their day.  Even if it’s just a laugh,  just a tear, or even just a slight sense of relatedness, to have any sort of affect on another person by what I have to share is a big deal to me.

And one last thought…

It is my firm belief that words are powerful and should not be used carelessly.  Another quote comes to mind here…  “Words and hearts should be handled with care, for words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest things to repair.”

Titanic in 3D

Today was our first day of sunny day in forever and instead of spending it in the garden, I spent a majority of it crying my eyes out in a dark movie theater.  It’s my own fault for putting it off. When my daughter first saw the advertisements for Titanic coming out in 3D, she informed me that we would be going to see it ~ no ifs ands or buts about it.  It happens to be one of her favorite movies of all-time and she never got to see it on the “big screen.”  I really like the movie too, but we have it on DVD and I’ve already seen it a couple of times, so I dragged my feet about going as long as I possibly could ~ until the final showing in fact, which was today.

People can criticize and hate on it all they want, but I think the movie Titanic was very well done ~ from the historical standpoint, the acting, costumes, and special effects, to the love story between Jack and Rose, the societal struggles, class issues, and the music (I love composer James Horner).  I did not however, enjoy seeing it in 3D.  I felt like it was distracting and took away from the story.  My daughter loved seeing it on the big screen though and that’s what going to see it was all about.  🙂

It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen it and I find myself thinking about a few things…  Thinking about how Jack ended up winning his passage on the Titanic in a game of poker and then in turn lost his life.  But also how his being there had such a huge impact on changing someone else’s life ~ Roses’.  It also makes me think of  all the stories I heard about 911 and the people who didn’t make it into work that day in the Twin Towers because they were stuck in traffic or delayed for one reason or another, and how the others who were there ended up saving other peoples lives.

Makes you think about fate and destiny and stuff like that.  And also about “making it count.”  Life.  My life.  Yours.  And the choices we make every day… having no idea what lasting affect they might have.


I found these newspaper articles online.  Aside from the movie ~ this is real life stuff we’re talking about here…

And I will never forget…


Back to the movie…

As I bawled my eyes out, allowing myself to feel everything as it played out on the screen before me, I found myself wishing so much that I had what it took to weave a tale so moving.  What a wonderful thing being able to tell a meaningful story is.  And how satisfying and fulfilling it must be for authors and movie makers (and all of those involved) to be able to create something that can have such an affect on people.


What about you?  Did you take the time and money to go see Titanic in 3D?