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Goodbye Moon

It’s been said that people get weird during a full moon, but it’s when there’s a new moon that I get weird.  Yeah, yeah I know I’m pretty much already weird, but I mean aside from my usual weirdness.  😉  Well, I don’t actually get weird, but I sometimes seem to feel more emotionally and mentally unsettled during a new moon.  Of course, I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I can’t help but wonder sometimes if there could be something more to it.  Like maybe it could have something to do with less gravity during a new moon that somehow affects the inner workings of my brain.  Hah yeah, I have no scientific basis whatsoever in saying that, I just pulled it out of nowhere.  See… signs that those inner workings are going haywire perhaps?  😉

Contrary to how I feel when there’s a new moon, during a full moon I always feel absolutely amazing and not weird at all ~ no more than usual that is.  😀  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I just really have a “thing” for the moon, all glowing and luminous, adorning the night sky, I love it!  ♥

And I will miss it tonight being that it’s a new moon and won’t be shining down upon me…

Although it’s no substitution for the actual moon, I recently received a lovely photograph of the moon that a friend of mine captured and had framed for me for my birthday.  So now no matter what phase the moon is in, I have it to look at anytime and feel happy.   She said that I was the inspiration behind it and that’s why she had it framed for me.  Such a wonderful, meaningful gift!  And such a dear, precious friend!  ♥

Below is the photo that she had framed for me (used with her permission), I edited it to add the quote at the bottom.  I didn’t write the quote and I don’t know where it originates from, but I think it’s a lovely sentiment and goes perfectly with the photograph…


Ah the moon…  Just beautiful isn’t it?  *Sigh*


Goodbye for tonight, moon…

Here is an earlier post (from one year ago, almost to the day) where I shared a bit more in depth about the “thing” I have for the moon, if you care to have a read.  Funny, the title is exactly the opposite as today’s…  “Hi Moon!”