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Oh Those Pet Peeves…

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming of gardening adventures and remodeling projects to bring you this special report…

Well, it’s not really that special.  😉

Ordinarily, I’m not the type of person who gets easily annoyed.  There are the important things in life and then are the insignificant things, and I know the difference between the two.  But we all have those pet peeves and thanks to the plethora of memes and funny internet pics, this post is going to express a few of mine…

Hey, people can dress however they like (I do), but I just think this is the most ridiculous “style” I have ever seen.  The other night while my daughter and I were waiting at a stop light, this guy walks by (if that’s what you call it), he was sort of hobbling and was all bent over to one side.  My daughter let out a small gasp and said “Oh my gosh is he okay?”  As we continued to watch him cross the street in front of us, we realized he was just trying to reach down into his pocket (which was at his freaking ankles) to get out his phone.  Wow, what an idiot!  We laughed the rest of the way home…


I’ve realized that quite a few of my pet peeves are in regard to grammar and punctuation.  Not that I’m an expert by any means, I use tons of tilde (~) and ellipsis (…) when I write (and not properly, mind you ;)), but these two just really bug me…Seriously, it’s really not.

Oops this one has a bad word in it.  But you get the point.  I must confess, when texting in a hurry, I’m guilty of sometimes using ‘ur’ for both meanings.  Don’t hate me because I’m in a hurry ~ or because I used a bad word.  😉

And this one isn’t really a pet peeve, but when I saw it I thought it was funny.IT SAVES LIVES!!!  😀


This one is HUGE!  I’m sorry but this is just sooo frustrating to me!  People who are in the customer service field really need to be capable of pronouncing the English language in a clear and concise manner!


This one isn’t really a “pet peeve” just one of those ridiculous things that sort of annoys me.  I mean, most scary movies are stupid enough without adding to the stupidity.


Grrr politicians!  I hate listening to any of them.  I just don’t buy anything they are saying.  All I hear is Charlie Brown’s teacher’s voice.  Wha wha wha wha…


THERE IS A CAR RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, where exactly is it that you expect me to go for crying out loud?!


Here’s another biggie for me.  Some people love to cry out about all of the intolerance of certain groups of people, but more often than not they are guilty of being that exact same thing themselves.

Dontcha just love Morpheus?!


Nearly every time I have to buy toilet paper, I am completely disgusted at the price!  It is literally just flushing money down the toilet.  Gah!  And being a girl, I want the soft stuff and that’s usually the most expensive.  It’s so annoying!


Well, thank you for joining me today and allowing me to express these pet peeves and certain annoyances.

“We now return you to your regular scheduled programming…”

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