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Spring Rains


Nourishing droplets dance on my skin

Exhilarating and refreshing

are the spring rains


© Julie Rehnelt 2017


I got caught in the rain yesterday, and as I hurried to get indoors to escape it, I suddenly paused and realized how wonderful those raindrops felt on my skin –  cold, but exhilarating, and oh so refreshing.  Ah…  let the rain fall, washing away all worry and strife…

So what if I arrive at my destination soaking wet – at least I’m clean.  😉




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Things Rainy Days Are Good For…

Ordinarily I don’t get too upset over any particular type of weather, I like all kinds ~ be it snowstorms, thunderstorms (my favorite) or what have you.  It’s one of the reasons I like living in Minnesota ~ weather variety, and we certainly have that.  Sometimes we even get to experience all 4 seasons within the span of just one day.  Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but you get my meaning.

Well, I’ve been finding myself getting a bit down about our weather lately.  First it was the extraordinarily long winter we had, and now it’s this seemingly unending rain.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the rain, I really do ~ the sound of it, the smell, how it makes everything so lush and green, but I need a sunny day or two here and there in between.  And that has been seriously lacking, the perpetual overcast sky gets depressing after a while.  It’s really something how the weather can affect ones’ mood and outlook on things.

I consistently strive to be content in any circumstances, even when it comes to the weather, and I think it’s helpful to try and focus on the positives of a situation, rather than the negatives.  Finding things to be thankful for and having a sense of gratitude every day is essential for me in living a joyful life.

But with this dreary weather… maybe it’s endurance that I lack, or perhaps it’s simply the monotony of it all that I’m finding so difficult, I don’t know, but ugh.

Anyway, in my customary ” try and look at the bright side of things” attitude, I’ve decided to make a list of some of the things that rainy days are good for, and I’m making you come along with me as I consider them.  😉

Rainy days are good for…



Omygosh is there anything cuter than a pile of napping puppies?!  I love this picture I found on deviantART!  I wish I had this adorable pile of puppies!  ♥  Yesterday the dreary weather made me so tired, I couldn’t hold out any longer and went to lay down.  Once I gave in to it, I wondered why I was resisting, it felt so nice to climb into bed and snuggle underneath the covers on such a cold, dreary day.  I didn’t have any puppies to nap with, but my cats soon followed my lead and came to join me, it was quite a comfort.


Rainy days are good for…



I saw a quote that said “Reading is like dreaming with your eyes open” and thought… yes, that it is!  I love reading, but often feel like I don’t have the time,  so rainy days are perfect for catching up on my reading.  If I don’t get too sleepy and end up taking a nap instead.  😉


Rainy days are good for…

Lighting candles


Lighting candles is one of my favorite things to do, no matter what the weather is.  The glow, the scent, the warmth, so cozy.


Rainy days are good for…

Watching a movie


I snapped this with my cell phone one evening quite some time ago.  My daughter and I were watching Finding Nemo, when my cat Sugar went and sat on the arm of the couch to get a closer look.  So cute!  Rainy days are perfect for snuggling on the couch watching a movie.  With or without a cat.  😉


Rainy days are good for…

Cleaning, organizing and getting indoor projects done


With remodeling my mom’s house, there is no shortage of indoor projects to do.  If only this dreary weather didn’t completely sap me of all energy and motivation.  😉   Although, I did repair our vacuum the other day (with my own two hands!)  *Patting myself on the back*  And I am doing laundry as I write this, if that counts…


Rainy days are good for…



S’mores cookies!  Mmm don’t these look freaking delicious?!  *Drools*  I’m gonna try and bake these one day.  (Click image to go the website I got this from)


Rainy days are good for…

Doing crafts


I love doing bead work, and bracelets are one of my favorite things to make.  I’ve gotten away from it recently, but I definitely plan to get back to it at some point.  Maybe I’ll even make this bracelet, it is purple after all.  😉  (Click image to go to the website for the free tutorial on how to make this bracelet)


Rainy days are good for…



Like writing a blog post.  😉


Rainy days are good for other things too, but these are the main ones I can think of at the moment.  I’ll have plenty of opportunity to discover more of them too, because the last time I checked the forecast, this drab, dreary weather is expected to continue through the weekend.  But the weather here is forever changing so maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised…

What do you like to do on rainy days?

Spring Rain

The morning’s weather so dreary and gray,

I’m finding it hard to keep the blues away.

The clouds feel heavy as does my heart,

gloomy thoughts pervade reluctant to part.

But in the distance I hear a robin’s bright song,

a cheerful reminder spring is coming along.

And this rain will rinse away the rest of the snow,

clearing the earth for beautiful things to grow.

© Julie Rehnelt 2013





These spring lovelies aren’t blooming outside here just yet,

but they’ll be coming along soon after all of this wet.


Yeah, once you get into rhyming mode, it’s kinda hard to get out.


And here’s a little sample of “a robin’s bright song” that I was hearing earlier…


Adventures in Gardening Part 12 ~ What a Difference a Day Makes

Because of the weather and with my being busy doing other things, It’s been a few days since I’ve done any gardening, but it’s amazing to see all that can happen in a garden within the span of just a few days!  (Having it raining buckets tends to make a difference too ;))


Like “a watch pot that never boils”… I have been eagerly watching and waiting for my zucchini to pop up and here they finally are!

It’s pretty much common knowledge among most gardeners that zucchini can produce such a bountiful harvest, it’s way more than any one person could ever possibly use or want.  Not for me!  I love zucchini and even tend to hoard mine.  I guess you could call me zucchini greedy.  😉  I have a multitude of recipes that call for zucchini and always find a way to use it.  In the past, on those rare occasions when I have found myself with more zucchini than I could use up in a timely manner, I would just shred it, measure it in 3 cup increments, and put it into freezer bags to use later for breads, muffins, and cakes.  Sometimes I’d share it too.  😉  We’ll have to wait and see how much zucchini I end up with this year from this tiny garden…


It’s about time the dang carrots came up!  They were one of the first things I planted.  I had a hard time getting a decent shot of them because they are still barely noticeable…


My spinach have started growing their 2nd set of leaves!

They look funny ~ like they have outstretched open arms.  Guess they’re just happy to see me.  😉


My peas are getting taller!

And look at how happy they all are in their little pot ~ I swear they are smiling…


The new thing I planted this week was my cucumber seeds!  I can’t wait to see how they climb up the trellis I made…


The last time I looked, my lettuce was barely poking up through the dirt, but now were already needing to be thinned.  Because they get planted in groups of 6 seeds, that means wasting the other 5 seedlings.  😦

They were so sad laying there looking all depressed and discarded after I yanked them all up that I couldn’t bear it, so I’ve ended up having 12 plants in my garden now instead of 8.  Guess we’ll be eating a lot of salads.  I can’t be the only one who feels this way… does anyone else ever have a hard time just tossing those other little lifes when it comes time for thinning?


Another issue I have is keeping my dirt looking tidy.  Haha!  Dirt… tidy?  Can dirt even be tidy?  I think, yes!  It’s kinda like how after vacuuming the carpet, it looks so nice that you don’t want anyone to walk on it.  A lot of the time after I’m done doing anything in the garden I have to “fluff up” the dirt to make it look fresh.  Unfortunately, the soil I bought for this box garden has quite a bit of debris in it so it seriously messes with my need for dirt tidiness.  Maybe I’m just weird.  Maybe it’s gardening OCD.

“Maybe it’s Maybelline”


Rain Much?

Sounds like the weather forecast will be raining on my gardening parade for the next several days.  It’s supposed to be raining for the next 4 days straight here with maybe 1 clear day and then 3 more days of rain.  At least my newly planted little broccoli, spinach, and pea seeds will be getting a good bath.  Hope they don’t drown!

Yesterday it was so beautiful out!  After I planted my peas, I did a little bit of other yard work at my mom’s too.  I cleared away some leaves around her hostas that are starting to poke up through the ground, and spread some fresh mulch around the perennial garden that I put in for her for Mother’s Day several years ago.

In knowing about all this rain in the forecast, I also had thoughts of mowing the grass, it’s reeeeally long, but it’s mostly my daughter’s job and I was busy doing other things.  Well, she wasn’t able to get to it and now I’m afraid that by the time it dries out enough to mow it’ll be so long that it will be like a jungle and we’ll have to whack through it with machetes.  😉

Oh well, rain is a part of spring and it brings life to the growing things.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed all sorts of beautiful growing things.  From the lilacs I mentioned in Gardening Adventures Part 8

To the gorgeous apple blossoms on my mom’s tree…

To the cheerful bright yellow dandelions growing in the cracks and crevasses of my sis’s patio.

(Dandelions get such a bad rap. 😦  Just for the record…  I happen to like them!)


Anyway, with all this rain in the forecast I guess I’ll have to find some indoor activities to occupy myself with in the meantime.

Maybe I’ll finally go and see The Hunger Games.  🙂