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Shadows and Light

I woke up the other morning with bright light pouring in through my bedroom windows.  After a night of restless sleep, I had slept in a bit late, so the morning sun had well risen in the sky and was shining brightly.

As I sat up in bed I noticed my shadow reflected upon the wall from the light coming in through the window.  I sat there for the longest time looking at it, thinking about how “shadowed” my heart feels right now.  And looking at my dark image there, I let the darkness seep inside of me too.  I let myself go to that dreadful place where there is no light, no hope, deep heartache, alone-ness.  I didn’t like it there.  And it’s not me, for in my truest heart I am a child of the Light.  Of Joy and of Hope.

That is why this is such a difficult place for me to be in.  I don’t belong here, in this sad place.  Except I can’t deny this is where I am right now, and I have to allow myself to feel.  I can’t pretend that I don’t hurt.

But… the thing about shadows is… they are only made possible because of the light, a shadow can’t exist without the light.  So if there is a shadow, there is most assuredly also light.



A contrast of varied emotions fill my heart as I look at this photo of my shadowed reflection there upon the wall.  Feelings of sadness, heartache, and loss, but also of hope ~ for light is surely still shining upon me in this darkness to even be casting this shadow.  I have only to turn around to see it.  Instead of looking at my shadow, I will turn and face the toward the Light.


And just look at what beautiful, glorious light is on the other side.  This was the sky this morning…

DSCF0090 (2)d1


“No matter how deep the darkness, a light shines within.” – Kingdom Hearts