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Shocking News!


Hey guess what?  It snowed here again in Minnesota.  Typical.



Well, even with as much as I’m longing for the return of the green and growing things, I’m not gonna let a little thing like getting a bit of snow in the springtime get me down.  There is still beauty to be found.  Everyone is all in an uproar about it, complaining.  Hush now people, it’s gonna melt.

Last year it snowed in May.  Now that was something to gripe about.  😉


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Playing in the Snow

My inner child did get the chance to go outside and play in the fresh snow that we had here, and I brought my outer child (my daughter) with me.  😀

We had intended to build a snowman, but the snow simply was not sticky enough, so we went to plan B…

I made a snowcano…


Which resulted in frozen fingers dyed blue with food coloring, and a rather pitiful looking creation…


I was improvising with the food coloring, wanting to make it look like some sort of blue “lava” was spewing out of it, and… well… it didn’t really turn out.   It was fun though, and as I was making it, I was telling my daughter the story (talking to myself) about my deadly snowcano and the coming snowpocalypse.   😉


While I was envisioning snowmageddon from my deadly snowcano, my daughter was making a snow cave (fall-out shelter)…


The snow next to the driveway was nicely packed down which worked well for digging tunnels.

I made her crawl inside and pose for a picture for me.  She may be nearly 22 years old, but all I see is my little baby girl smiling out at me.  ♥


It has been so long since we played out in the snow together, such precious times.  ♥


Our adventures out in the snow weren’t all about death and destruction with snowmagedden and fall-out shelter snow caves…  Since we had the food coloring out there with us, I asked my daughter to ‘paint’ a flower in the snow.  A symbol of hope that despite all the snow, we will see spring and the growing things again one day.  ✿


We also made snow angels…


Looks a bit more like a person was laying in the snow flailing helplessly to get up ~ me in actual reality hahaha!


It’s snowing again right now as I write this, perhaps it will be the sticky kind this time and we’ll be able to go out and make our snowman after all.

Or perhaps it’s ash from a real snowcano.  Dun, dun, dunnn…!

Peace & Love…

Fresh Snow


Fresh fallen snow, fluffy and light

all nature rests under a blanket of white.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014



Everyone around here is about fed up with winter by now, but my spring fever doesn’t usually kick in until mid February, so I’m still enjoying the lovely snow.

And waking up to freshly fallen snow is especially wonderful.  Something about it awakens my inner child and fills me with a magical feeling.  While the grown-up in me groans at the cold and dreads the responsibilities that come along with the snow, the child in me is delighted and filled with a sense of wonder, makes me want to go out and build a snowman.

After taking care of a few chores and running some errands, if the snow is sticky enough, I may do just that.  😀

Stay cozy, my friends!

Peace & Love…

Sprinkles of Springtime Snow

Just thought I’d share a few photos I took during the “winter storm” we had the other day.  Thankfully, we didn’t end up getting much snow in my immediate area, only a light sprinkling, but just south of us they got 15 inches!  So insane for the month of May!









It was actually kinda pretty to be honest, but hopefully we’re done with it now once and for all.  Either way, I drew up my garden plans this morning and intend to go out and plant my peas and some various lettuces tomorrow.  I can’t wait any longer to go out and dig in the dirt…


~Gardening is my therapy~

Wintry Spring Morning

I woke up this morning blinded by the light that was coming in through my windows.  My bedroom windows face east so as the sun comes up, its light shines in.  But this sunrise was different.  We had yet another winter storm here late yesterday.  It’s become funny to me now, it’s just so ridiculous to be having this much snow in April.  When the first one hit I was really disappointed because I’m so very anxious to get out in my garden, but now… several winter storms later…

“I throw my hands up in the air sometimes saying ayo, gotta let go.”  😉

And this morning… even with as badly as I want it to be spring, there was simply no denying how absolutely beautiful the snow was.  Especially against the pastel blue of the morning sky.  Ah so very pretty!   ♥   And the reason the light coming in was so blinding was because the branches of the tree outside my window were sparkling!  It had snowed, but we also had some freezing rain so the branches were a combination of snow and ice, and they were glistening in the sunlight!  It almost looked like special effects, it was really quite magical!

I wish I could have taken a photo of the beautiful sight of it all, but not only would my camera never have done it justice, but I also woke up this morning with an upset stomach and wasn’t feeling up for doing much, so I just laid there and enjoyed gazing at it until I felt well enough to get up.

Once I was feeling a little better, I did try and take a few photos, but the lighting was quite a bit different by then, so it’s not anywhere near the same as what I woke up to.  Still kinda pretty though…




I also took some pictures of the little birdies trying to get breakfast at my suet feeder.  You can tell this pair of sparrows were looking at it trying to figure it out…



I think the birds are a bit hard-up for food with all this snow because I even saw a male cardinal trying to eat from it, and they don’t typically feed at suet feeders.  I didn’t catch a picture of him though.

But a while later I did happen to get a picture of a woodpecker that stopped by.  He checked out my suet feeder, but quickly realized he was a bit too large for it.  He was very striking looking and this photo doesn’t do him justice, but I was lucky to catch a shot of him at all because he only stopped by for a few brief moments.



As I write this, much of the snow from the morning has already melted, and I heard the temps this weekend could reach the 70’s.  So maybe this will finally be the last we’ll see of winter.  Gosh, I sure the heck hope so!  But it was really lovely this morning…

EDIT:  I recently discovered that the bird in the above photo is not a woodpecker, but is actually a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

Give Me Some of That White Stuff

Oh you know... just waiting for my fellow flakes to arrive

~Waiting for my fellow flakes to arrive ~

I know just how this little guy feels…

We’ve been busy here putting up all the Christmas decorations and I think we’re just about finally finished.  My daughter has been anticipating decorating Grandma’s house for Christmas ever since way back in June when we first decided to combine our homes, and it’s been fun to see her be so filled with excitement.

But, now that all of the decorations are up and looking so festive, I am feeling in real need of some of that “white stuff” to top it off.  We had a light dusting of it a few weeks ago (First Snow), but it has all gone now.  Come on flakes start falling, my little snowman friend here is waiting, and I’m dreaming… of a white Christmas.

Love, love, LOVE the classic rendition of this song!


First Snow

Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I slide out from beneath my cozy blankets.

There is an extra chill in the air this morning as I slip on a warm robe to cover my bare skin.

I make my way to the kitchen in anticipation of a hot cup of coffee, carefully maneuvering around the two hungry cats weaving in and out between my ankles.

As my lips take in the first few sips of warm rich liquid, my eyes drift over toward an unexpected, but familiar tint of light coming in through the window.

I venture closer to see and squinting from the brightness, a childlike excitement courses through me ~ freshly fallen snow!

Sparkling like glitter on a magical lake the rays of the rising sun dance over its surface, the extraordinary beauty of it dazzles and delights my senses.

I sigh, profoundly grateful for eyes to see and a heart to feel.

Ah, the winter is cold, but my heart is warm as I bask in the wonder and beauty of nature as it graces me with its first snow.

© Julie Rehnelt 2012