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It Has Begun

Seasons come and seasons go and the earth keeps spinning ’round 

frigid air moves in and autumn leaves turn to frosted trees upon my window pane

it has begun…

my winter morning rendezvous’ with Jack Frost


© Julie Rehnelt 2018

I don’t feel like I’m done with autumn yet, but I always want it to last longer than it does, so that’s typical.  😉

We had our first real snowfall overnight Thursday night, and I hadn’t realized any was coming, so it was a bit of a surprise to wake up to.  I haven’t even raked up the leaves in my yard yet.  Oops!  But hey, I’ve been otherwise occupied – my new little Grandson is one week old today.  💙

We didn’t get a whole lot of snow,  but I spent about an hour and a half shoveling yesterday morning.  It was hard on my back, but I was feeling so grateful for my new knees!  The cold air was invigorating and the snow made me feel all sorts of festive for the holidays coming up.

Anyways, I was delighted to find some pretty frost on my window as I watched the sun come up this morning, and I look forward to seeing more of it.  I know, I know…  most people dread winter, but there truly is so much beauty to be found if we look for it.  And it’s just so dang cozy!

Wishing you beauty and warmth today wherever you are…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


Autumn Equinox


First day

first taste

of fall


© Julie Rehnelt 2017


We’re just getting our first taste of autumn color here in Minnesota on this first day of fall.  It’s typically well under way by this date on the calendar, but it’s late this year, probably due to the unusually warm temperatures we’re having.  Hopefully that means fall will last longer than usual too.  I love all things autumn!  😍


May your day be filled with all that you love.  Happy 1st day of fall!  🍁




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

September Morning


September morning forecast

Mostly bright and sunny

with a slight chance of cool and crisp


   © Julie Rehnelt 2017

Sounds like the perfect combination to me!  🌻


Wishing you beauty today and whatever the perfect combination is to you too…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Silent Sunday


My soul listens to the silence of snow falling


Frosty flakes descend from the heavens

floating gracefully to the earth

poetry in motion

covering all of nature in a fresh blanket of pure white


hush now, be still, rest


My soul listens to the silence of snow falling


© Julie Rehnelt 2016



Sorry, I have no photo to share with this one today, just my words as I sip my coffee, watching (and listening to) the silent snow falling outside my window this Sunday morning…





✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Morning Storms


Dawn’s light obscured

dark clouds roll in


as lightening flashes

thunder roars


heightening the senses

in awe and anticipation


the wind picks up

heavy drops begin to fall


forcing me to seek shelter

resisting the urge


to dance with the rest of nature

in this morning’s storms


© Julie Rehnelt 2016



The air was so thick and heavy when I went out to my garden this morning, I knew something was about to break in the atmosphere.  It’s been hot, hot, hot, and humid here this past week, and a good thunderstorm is such a sweet release.

Stay dry my friends.  Or wet, whichever you prefer.  😉


To sweet releases…



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Sometimes Rain


Sometimes rain


Falls from the sky

and from my eyes

when heavy clouds lay low.


Sometimes rain


Pours down big drops

weighs down my thoughts

my petals bending so.


Sometimes rain


Goes on for days

the storms they rage

 and howling winds do blow.


Sometimes rain


Brings peace in grief

in the belief

that from it we will grow.


© Julie Rehnelt 2015



And sometimes rain

looks pretty on our petals.








✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

What the Hail?!

Late yesterday afternoon I was sitting out on the patio having a chat on the phone with my sister, when the sky became very dark, and began to rumble.  I love thunder and don’t get nervous when a storm approaches.  In fact, I usually get really excited.  As many of you already know, I’m forever in awe of nature, and that includes severe weather – as long as there’s no real immanent danger. From what I had heard about the weather forecast, there was a chance of rain for the day, but there was certainly not any severe weather expected, so when I heard the rumbling I wasn’t the least bit concerned, and I commented to my sister how lovely the sound of the thunder was.

But then came another sound, one I had never heard before.  It’s hard to describe what kind of sound it even was.  It was like the wind, but at that moment there wasn’t any wind.  It may have sounded a bit like a train or an airplane or something, all I know is that it was weird and really loud.  Suddenly all my senses peaked, I got up and quickly made my way toward the door to get into house, as I said to my sister “Oh my gosh, what is that?”  “What is what?” she asked. “That sound, there’s a weird sound” I said as I opened the door to go inside.  When suddenly there was a huge gust of wind and the door flew out of my grasp, slamming against the handrail with such force that it broke the wrought iron rail free from its concrete base.  As I got inside and turned around struggling to pull the door to a close, I saw the lilac bushes along our driveway swirling around in a circular pattern and I said  “Oh my gosh, is this a tornado?”   Then instantly, gigantic golf ball sized hail started pounding down from sky, and it hadn’t even rained yet.  Just BAM, hail!   I’ve never seen such large hail in all my life, and began envisioning windows breaking and glass shattering everywhere, so I motioned to my mom and my daughter to get down to the basement.  My mom, who is always on alert during storms, had already grabbed her purse, my daughter grabbed her dog, and then one of our cats.  All I had was the phone in my hand, with my poor sister on the other end listening helplessly to the scene as it unfolded.  And it was quite terrifying.  Later she told me how surreal it was listening to me being so frightened, and how she didn’t like it.  I’m the calm one, you see.  Usually.  I think I still remained pretty calm, but I was definitely afraid.

When we came up from the basement, both my daughter and I grabbed our cameras and we all went outside to check things out.   Thankfully, there was no serious damage.  But look at the massive size of this hail…


Maybe it’s more of a ping pong ball size, than golf ball, but still… look at it, it’s freaking huge!

And look at our poor Rhododendron with all its lovely blossoms plastered to the ground…


When earlier it looked like this…


And I had captured this…


Their blooming time is already so brief, so it’s sad to have it cut even shorter, but I’m glad I had the chance to enjoy them while they were here.

The lilacs took a bit of a beating as well, as did the apple blossoms, but thankfully they’re both still pretty much intact, and I’ll be able to continue to enjoy them.  I’m especially happy about the lilacs because they are truly one of my most favorites of springtime, and even though my poem yesterday was about making love under the apple blossoms, it was actually the heady scent of lilacs in the evening air that inspired it.  Among other things, of course.  😉

Anyway, that hail storm was really unbelievable, the hail was so big, and there was so much of it, that it looked as if it had snowed.


There is a really big mess of debris out in the yard today from it too.  Which I should really get off this computer and go and clean up now.  But I’m very thankful that mess is only aftermath I have to deal with after such a frightening event.


And that I still have some of my most favorite spring blossoms to enjoy…



Hope you have some of your favorite things to enjoy today too!



✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1