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My Garden Missed Me

While I was off being footloose and fancy free on my mini vacation, my garden was back here missing me.  I heard it breathe a huge sigh of relief when I came home and went out to check on it.  Oh, wait… that was me.  😉

I missed my garden while I was away.  Putzing around, tending to it, admiring its daily progress, and spending time out there reflecting on the various life lessons it teaches me ~ about growth, strength, resilience, and beauty (just to name a few).  I had some of that on my trip too, being out in nature always speaks to my soul, but sometimes it’s in the simpler, everyday things that I hear those lessons the clearest.  Or maybe I’m just being overly dramatic about my garden.  😀

Anyway there’s lots going on out there!  I’ve had a wonderful harvest of green beans, and they’re still coming!  I must take another look at the seed packet for these because I definitely have a different variety than I had last year, and I want to make sure I get this same kind again.

I’ve also been enjoying a great harvest of zucchini.  There is so much happening on this one plant, it’s crazy!


I love it, so fun!  We had chilly autumn-like weather over the weekend and I baked up my first loaves of zucchini bread.  I flubbed it up and their bottoms stuck to the pans, but it still tasted delicious.  Before I went on vacation, I played mad scientist in the kitchen and experimented making new concoctions using zucchini, and I’m happy to report that I came up with a very yummy oven fried zucchini recipe!  One can never have too many zucchini recipes when the season comes around.  😀


The cucumbers are coming right along as well…


I’ve lost a few to the squirrels, but there appear to be plenty of them developing on the vine to be able afford to share a little.


Remember the baby squirrels I had living in my tree this past spring?  (if not, see “Amidst My Branches”)  Well, I’m pretty sure they’re the culprits.  And, they appear to be quite tame.  One of them came right up to me on the patio yesterday morning, I thought it was going to climb right up into my lap!  And another (or maybe the same one) poked around on the ground and then climbed around in the lilac bush right next to me while I was at my potting bench, not one bit nervous of me being so close by.  They must recognize me from my window when I gawked at them and photographed them.  😉  Anyway, they’re not being too much of a nuisance at this point, hope it stays that way.  They sure are cute little things!  ♥


I’m starting to see the first hints of red on the tomatoes…


Yes I know, technically it’s orange, but orange is the first hint of red.  😉


Not seeing any yellow yet on my bell pepper though…


But it’s still a bit too early for that.  I’m not getting very many blooms that are developing into fruit on this plant and I’m not sure why.  It started out with tons, but they all shriveled up and fell off in the early stages.  I may have to read up on what the deal is with that.  In the meantime, I’m just happy to have this one growing nicely.  🙂


And I’m also happy I’ve got more jalapenos developing…


I had someone steal the last ones that came ready, and it wasn’t a squirrel.  But I’m not going to go into that story, I’m just gonna be glad that more are growing out there.


Things are blooming out there too.  The Hosta are looking lovely…


as are the Phlox…


and the Bee Balm…


My sis bought me this plant last year and I’m so pleased it’s growing well.   Even if it’s slightly weird looking, it smells so wonderful and has such vibrant color!


There were a few garden casualties sustained while I was gone.  My cheerful little strawberry pot got completely obliterated in the heat wave we had.  My dear mom did all she could to try and keep it going, but it just couldn’t be helped.  I trimmed back all its foliage and am excited to see some new little growth sprouting out of it.  Also, one of the pots of petunias I had on the patio bit the dust.  I trimmed that back as well, but I’m not sure it’s gonna make it, I’ll have to wait and see if it perks back up.

Otherwise all is alive and well in my tiny garden, and for that I am truly grateful.  Time to head out there right now with my coffee for my morning “lesson.”  It’s a beautiful morning here, hope the weather is nice wherever you are too!  😀



~Gardening is my therapy~

What’s Going On in the Garden

I can’t seem to keep up with photographing and sharing about everything that is going on in my tiny garden lately because it changes daily, but I’m enjoying every minute of it and feeling so thankful that’s it’s all doing so well!

Since it’s raining this morning I thought I’d try and write an update.

I’ll share about the blooming things first…

It took a little longer than I expected for the buds to open, but my trumpet vine is blooming now and it’s so pretty!



And those “spindly” looking Stella de Oro lilies from the flower bed that I divided up and thought wouldn’t amount to much… well, they’re not so spindly after all, they’re lovely!  So bright and cheerful!



Another bright and cheerful bloomer is this yellow daisy.  At least I think it’s a variety of daisy, I planted it so long ago that neither my mom nor I can remember exactly what it is.  Either way, it’s a pretty yellow flower.  😀



Speaking of yellow flowers… my cucumbers are flowering.


And wrapping their tendrils around the trellis…


Since these photos were taken, I’ve noticed dozens of tiny little cukes forming on them now too!


My one zucchini plant has tons of yellow/orange flowers on it too, and is spreading out its giant “solar panels.”


There’s a lot going on underneath those giant leaves, and an abundance of fruits are developing.  I just picked this one the other day…



I’ve also been picking tons of green beans!  Oh, I’m so very pleased with my beans this year!


We steamed some and had them with dinner the other night, they were delicious!


We’ve also been eating up the peas.  There hasn’t been very many though so I’m a bit disappointed.  But we had such a weird spring weather-wise and then it got too warm too soon for them, so it’s not their fault.  😉  I’m entertaining the idea of doing a fall planting to see if I can get more, but I’ve never done that before so I don’t know how it would work out.  I took this photo one morning while they were still small when the sun was hitting them just right to see the little peas developing inside.  Cute, yummy little things!  ♥


Looking at them made me ponder about the things developing inside of us and how you catch glimpses of them when the Light reflects through us.  Me and constant metaphors hah!


Another thing we’re going to be eating soon are jalapenos.  These two are just about ready to pick…



The bell peppers are coming right along too, although it’ll be quite a while before they turn yellow…



My one little row of carrots is doing well and their greens are filling out more every day, but there sure aren’t very many of them.


  Oh well no matter, I’ll just appreciate and enjoy them all the more being that there are so few of them.  😉


Speaking of only a few ~ I’ve only got five tomatoes growing on my two plants.  Those few are growing very nicely though!



I’ve only gotten a few strawberries too.  I’ve been getting lots of blossoms, but the berries have all ended up being very wimpy.  I think the pot is maybe too small.


But that red pot certainly is bright and pretty with those dainty little white flowers!  😀


I guess that’s about it for now on what’s going on in the garden.  The rain has stopped so I’m going to head out there and check on everything after the thunderstorm we had earlier.  Hopefully it’s alright.


I’ll leave you with this…  The hosta are beginning to bloom and I snapped this the other day when I noticed their buds glistening with the last droplets of the morning dew as the sun was coming up…



Have a beautiful, blessed day!



~Gardening is my therapy~

Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My….. Plants

Wow, that’s got to be just about the corniest music video ever!  Haha the 70’s!  I do love B.J. Thomas’ voice though.


Sorry, it’s just that everything reminds me of a song.  😉

And the raindrops really do keep falling on my plants.  In fact, we’ve had some pretty strong storms here too, over the past several days.  I love me a good thunderstorm!  Three nights in a row I was awoken by some awesome thunder crashing.  ♥

Unfortunately though, the storms did do some damage in the area with flooding, fires caused by lightening, trees down from high winds, and many people are still without power.  My sis came back from her cabin only to find that power was out at her place.  She’s just a little way up the road from us and I’m so thankful we didn’t lose power or have any damage here.  I did have one bean plant casualty however, and our gorgeous peonies got decimated.  I’m really glad I got the chance to enjoy them before they did.  During one of the storms our street became a rushing river, literally.  It was scary and exciting at the same time.  Again, I’m just thankful we didn’t have any real damage or power outage.

As every good gardener does, I went out after one of the storms and checked on how my plants fared through the weather.  Aside from being completely drenched and having a few that were leaning over from the winds, I’m happy to report that things looked pretty good.

I think some of my mesclun is just about ready to harvest.  Finally!



My peas are flowering!  ♥



My zucchini is spreading out nicely.


I’m really glad it didn’t get damaged from any of the storms because it’s the only one I planted this year.


My carrots are doing alright.


They had a rocky start though because something was nibbling them down at first, but they seem to be fine now and leafing out a little bit more.


My jalapeno peppers are doing really well and have lots of pretty blossoms.


Pretty blossoms that will hopefully become yummy peppers.  😀


I was so excited to see that the trumpet vine I planted around the backside of the fence now has buds on it.


I’ve never grown one of these before and I can’t wait to see it bloom!  I hope it attracts lots hummingbirds and butterflies!  ♥


I bought my mom a new hydrangea because the one we planted for her last year didn’t survive.  This one is a little different of a variety so hopefully it fares better.  It sure is a pretty shade of blue.


This isn’t actually in the ground yet and during one of the storms we looked out and saw it rolling around in its pot on the patio, being blown by the wind and the rain.  My daughter who was just itching to go outside during the storm (she is her mother’s daughter ;)) begged to go out and rescue it.  I’m glad she did, or it very well could have ended up another causality.  It’s getting a bit warm outside now to be planting, so I may just leave this in its pot until fall planting time.  But we’ll have to keep an eye on it during any storms so we don’t lose it.


And lastly, with all the raining it’s been doing out there I haven’t kept up on keeping the weeds cleared very well.  And you know what…?  I happen to find some “weeds” to be completely delightful.  Clovers for one.  I absolutely love their little heart shaped triple leaves!  Just look at them, I swear they’re smiling…


So cute!  I really can’t bear to yank them out.  I think I’ll just leave them there a while, maybe they’ll produce a four-leafed clover, I could use some good luck!  😉



~Gardening is my therapy~

Pretty Peonies

The peonies are in full bloom here and omygosh are they ever pretty!  We’ve hit a lovely patch of weather over the past few days and I’ve been out photographing them.  Thought I would share some of my favorites…









I transplanted these to my mom’s yard from one of my own gardens over 15 years ago, and they just keep getting lovelier every year!



~Gardening is my therapy~

Random Gardening Tidbits

Technically this post should probably be entitled “In Between the Rain” Part 2 because the rainy weather here continues to persist.  Although the forecast tells of a couple of sunny days coming up, my feelings have become “I’ll believe it when I see it.”  And speaking of seeing ~ the skies have been so dark here this morning that I’ve had to have the lights on to see what I’m doing.

I have been getting out in the garden when I can in between this weather.  And even when I can’t ~ yesterday I actually sat out in the rain after doing some yard work, but it was mostly because I was too tired to get up and go inside.  It really was quite refreshing though, and heck… may as well conserve water and shower in the rain right?!  😉

Anyway, aside from grumbling about the weather, my garden is doing very well,  and I’ve gathered together a few photos I’ve taken lately to share of it’s progress…

The new little strawberry pot I got this year has berries ripening…


Sure, it’s a bit puckered and wimpy looking, but we’ll see how it tastes.  😀


And I noticed my tomatoes are starting to flower…


I really hope I have better luck with my tomatoes this year.  This picture kinda reminds me of Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.  Feed me Seymore!  Hah it’s really something where my brain goes sometimes.  I’ll blame it on the lack of sun.   😉


My peas are continuing to grow and make their way upward…

DSCF0025 (2)a

And I can’t wait to eat them!  In the future, I may need to find a way to grow more peas than just in this small pot, because I really love fresh peas!


Same with my onions too.  I put onions in everything


But I’m thankful even for just the few I am able to grow.  🙂


I have been contemplating putting in another gardening area behind the garage, it gets full sun all day and growing veggies there would be such a better way to utilize that spot than just for grass.


I have already been slowly making my way over toward that area and have gone around the patio to the backside of the privacy fence to plant the extra cucumbers I thinned out from my main garden box.  I just couldn’t bear to let them die, it’s food!  Because I don’t want to plant food in that chemically treated soil (my parents had TruGreen lawn service for so many years), I got a pot, filled it with good healthy soil, and tacked up some wire fencing for them to grow up.


I’ve since transplanted them from their individual little pots, but haven’t taken a more recent photo.  I also planted a few sunflowers in the ground next to them.  It looks a bit blah there right now, but I think it will look really pretty once it all starts growing taller.  😀


My zucchini is coming along nicely…


I only have one lone zucchini planted in my garden this year.  They completely took over last year, and although I was happy with how well they did (I love zucchini!), they also prevented other things from growing.  I did save this zucchini’s fellows that I thinned out, but I have no idea where I’m going to plant them.


I have two little twin peppers developing on my pepper plant…


The plant itself is still quite small.  Earlier, I plucked a few little peppers that had began developing because I wanted the plant to grow a bit bigger before trying to support fruits.  But I’m going to just leave these little guys alone and let life run it’s course, despite the small size of the plant.  Hopefully I’ll end up with some nice, yummy yellow bell peppers.


My green beans are growing well…


Last year I was a bit disappointed and had a really pathetic outcome from my green beans because the zucchini shaded them too much.  I really like green beans, so this year I planted more and devoted extra space in my tiny garden for them.  I really hope they do better this year, they look like they’re off to a great start!


Same thing with my celery, the zucchini shaded them as well.  But this year they’re in a different spot, so hopefully I’ll have a better outcome…



My lettuce is doing well, but seemingly at a rather slow pace.  I feel like I should be enjoying salads by now…



All of my various mints are looking great.  This is my peppermint…



My French lavender is getting buds…


I have 3 different varieties of lavender this year.  Mmmmmmmmm lavender…  ♥♥♥


I’ve been plant sitting for my sis while she’s on vacation and tending to her flat of peppers…


And also her tomatoes, but I don’t have a picture of them.


In the flowering realm, I have some random little Johnny Jump Ups jumping up among the cracks and crevasses around the yard…


I adore these, they’re such cheerful little things.  🙂


And the Peony buds are getting ready to open…


Does anyone know… do the ants that are always crawling around on them really help them to open, or is that just a myth?


Guess I’ll end with that.  Funny, I titled this post Tidbits when there are actually quite a few things going on here.  Hah!  There’s more too, but this is all I have time for today…



~Gardening is my therapy~

To Garden, or to Blog About Garden: That is the Question…

That’s easy…  garden, of course.  It feels like ages since I’ve posted anything, but now that we’ve hit a patch of rainy weather here for the past several days, I finally feel like I have some time to sit down and write an update on what I’ve been doing out in my tiny garden.

With the unpredictability of our spring weather this year, I’ve felt all discombobulated with what to plant, and when.  And I’m still feeling insecure about having what I’ve planted grow properly, because now everything is water-logged from all the rain we’ve had.  But all I can do is keep an eye on things out there and hope for the best.

I got all my seeds planted ~ cucumbers, zucchini, beans, and carrots, along with the lettuce seeds and peas I planted earlier.  Which are coming up quite nicely by the way, but I don’t have any photos of them for this post because it’s been raining off and on pretty much ever since I’ve noticed them popping up, and I haven’t really had a good opportunity to take any decent pictures.

I also planted my celery, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers, in addition to all of my herbs.  Might could have waited on the tomatoes a bit longer, but whether the weather is ready or not here I come.  *Fingers crossed*

Also, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve searched far and wide for the same variety of strawberry plant that I fell in love with last year and bought on a whim when I saw its pretty pink blossoms, but alas, it was nowhere to be found.  😦

However, when I came across this bright little red strawberry pot, I knew it was destined to come home with me…


Although they’ve been around for quite a while, I’ve never grown strawberries in one of these types of pots before, so I really hope they do well.  They were looking quite neglected and scraggly at the store, but seem to have perked up under my tender care, and already have a few blooms and strawberries developing, so they’re off to a good start.

This variety doesn’t have the pretty, pink flowers that my plant had last year, but gosh, look how cheerful and cute this little white blossom is…



And another thing I find cheerful and cute…


I don’t care what people say about dandelions, I adore them!


And even though this is also cute…


I don’t adore it feasting upon the seed I put in the new bird feeder I set out…


Although I have to admit, I do admire its mad acrobatic skills.  😉


And I am feeling a small bit of mercy toward it too because just yesterday as I was reading in my room, I happened to look out my window and notice a squirrel scurrying up my tree trunk to the hole that is in it, carrying babies!  I grabbed my camera, but I couldn’t catch a shot, it was too quick for me in its mission to get them in there to safety.  In all, I saw it bring three little ones into the hole, so precious to watch.  I love little creatures so much and so it’s hard to be too seriously angry about the raiding of my bird feeder.  But I’m more than just a little concerned about my garden veggies this summer with an entire family of squirrels living in my tree.  It could end up being a nightmare of a battle to keep them away, as I can’t be out there on guard 24/7.

In the end I’m probably going to have to take the bird feeder down.  I had reservations about putting it up in the first place in fear of attracting nearby squirrels, but in seeing all the little birdies flitting about, I just really wanted to put one up so they’d pause for a bit and visit me while I’m out in my garden.  I don’t think squirrels eat thistle seeds so maybe I could leave the bottom section of the feeder up in hopes of the goldfinches stopping by for a quick meal from time to time.

Anyway, here is one shot I did get while the babies were being delivered to the hole in my tree.   If you look closely you can see a baby head peeking out just above/behind the momma’s outstretched arm…


Hi little precious head!  Sooo cute!  But I have bittersweet and mixed emotions about it with my garden being so nearby.  Please leave my veggies alone this summer little squirrels, I don’t want to end up detesting you…


Okay, so while I’m here and having the chance to “Blog About Garden” let me share some of the photos I’ve taken while I’ve been outside this spring.  It’s been a virtual bloom-fest out there, and in combination with all of the varying shades of fresh, new, spring green going on, it has been a delicious treat for my visual senses!

I wish I could have taken more pictures of all of the freshly sprouted green things I’ve seen popping out all over the place, but all I got was this shot I took one day of the new leaves on the lilac bush.  They were so pretty when I looked up at them against the backdrop of the blue sky.  This photo doesn’t come close to showing just how lovely the color really was.


And here are the lilacs now…


I can’t even begin to describe the amazingly lavish scent filling the air when I took this picture, it was pure and absolute bliss!   Makes me breathe in deeply through my nose just looking at this picture and remembering it.  ♥   Gosh, I love the scent of lilacs!  I really wish they lasted longer…


Another blooming beauty I’ve been enjoying is the Rhododendron bush I planted for my mom many years ago on the corner of the house.  I’m going to have to share several of the photos I took of its gorgeous, delicate, lavender-pink color when it was at its peak last week…






So lovely!  It’s a bit unfortunate that Rhododendrons don’t have any fragrance to speak of, but if they did I imagine they would smell as beautiful and they look.  🙂


And lastly, I’m so glad I had the chance to snap some pictures of these few yellow tulips that are left over in the flower bed from a planting many years ago, because the heavy rain has since decimated them.


Tulips are one of those flowers that just seem to symbolize and embody the spirit of spring, and they are an especially refreshing sight in yellow!  🙂


Ah and spring is such a refreshing time in general, isn’t it?  All the earth comes back to life, urging us to be renewed and come alive along with it.

Spring can be a busy time for gardeners, but the simple beauty, and small wonders of the season are often brief.  May we all pause long enough to soak in and partake in the beauty and new life going on around us.



~Gardening is my therapy~

Signs of Life

Guess where I am right now?  Oh… just OUTSIDE!  Hey, this is a big deal, up until just the other day, we’ve been buried under snow here it seems like for freaking ever!  But not anymore, it’s an absolutely gorgeous morning and I’m writing this from the patio.  I’m really distracted at the moment though because  I can hear a Goldfinch singing somewhere close by and I’m trying to see where it is.  I’ve got my camera armed and ready in case it comes this way.  I adore Goldfinches, they’re so bright and cute, and sing such a sweet little melody.  I’m hearing a literal symphony of various bird songs right now actually, and it’s beautiful!  There’s one I can’t identify, so I’ll have to set out on a mission later to find out what kind of bird it is.  I’ve been an avid bird watcher for many years so it’s surprising and interesting to me that I come across one near my own backyard that I don’t recognize the song of.

I can also hear my kitty singing a sad lament just inside the back door.  She’s used to me having my morning coffee and writing in my room where she can be near me.  Poor thing sounds really distressed.  With no claws, she’s strictly an indoor cat, but I do have a little leash that I could put on her so she could come out here with me some mornings.  I’ll have to look into that for the future, it’s hard to concentrate with her in there crying.

Look at this cute picture I took of her the other day.  She looked so adorable laying there napping, I just had to take her picture.  But I accidentally woke her.  Oops.  😉


Imagine this sweet little creature crying by the door and you’d have a hard time concentrating too.  She’s sooo cute.  ♥


Okay, so now if I can get passed all of these distractions.

Wait, just one more, my coffee cup is empty…

Yesterday morning I came outside to have my coffee as well and it was so wonderful.  Of course, first I had to drag one of the big heavy wrought iron patio chairs out of storage from the garage so I’d have somewhere to sit, but after that I just sat out here and relished being outdoors after being cooped up inside for so many months.  I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m so very thankful for my five senses, every one of them is in complete overdrive right now and I’m loving it!

After I’d finished my coffee I set out on an adventure to investigate for signs of life around here.  I mean in the way of the green and growing things.  It’s really something how much a person can miss the color green.  My gardeners heart has been longing for it for quite some time now, and it’s such a relief to finally find some.

This may not look like much of a big deal to anyone else, but it is to me.  Look… GREEN GRASS!


Yes, I took a picture of it, and I’m sure I looked pretty silly crawling around on the ground doing so too.  😉  I know I may sound a bit overly excited (about grass, of all things), but maybe if we approached more of these simple things in life with more of a sense of wonder, we just might find ourselves being happier people.  I know it’s that way for me.


I also found a few other little ‘lifes’ poking out from the ground.

Such as these Lily of the Valley that my Grandma planted next to this house over 70 years ago…


These too, may not look like much right now, and they were so small it was hard to photograph them, but once they fill in, they’ll completely smother one half of the side of the house, and omygosh it’s so gorgeous!


Lily of the Valley have always been one of my favorite flowers, with their delicate little white bells and their amazing fragrance, but these particular ones are even more precious to me because my Grandma planted them.  I never knew her, she died when I was just a few months old, but a part of her still remains in these lovely flowers she planted all those years ago.  I’m sure she never imagined that her Granddaughter and even her Great Granddaughter (my Daughter) would be here in the future enjoying them.  ♥

Just goes to show… we never know all the ways in which our lives may touch future generations, do we?   We can only hope to leave something beautiful behind…

I never knew when I put in the flower bed here for my Mom on a Mother’s Day over 15 years ago that I would be back living here one day and enjoying it as my own right along with her.  As I sat here yesterday I was acutely aware of that fact.  It’s quite an amazing thing to be able to look back and see how certain things we did in the past can become a part of our future.  The “seeds” we sow and the things we “plant” as we go along our way in life truly are important in the grand scheme of it all.

Sounds like maybe some of the “Signs of Life” I discovered yesterday were more than just the green and growing things I found ay?  I like when that happens.  😀

One of the other green things I found coming back to life were the Sedum that I planted for my mom in that flower bed all those years ago.  They too were still so tiny that I had a hard time getting a decent picture, but I bet with the gorgeous weather this weekend they’ll be shooting up much more here really soon.



And I also found some random bulbs that I don’t remember what they are sprouting up, it’ll be a fun surprise to find out.



Well, with my coffee now drained, I find my laptop battery is too, so I guess that’s all for now.  It’s really amazing what nice weather can do to lift ones spirits and it’s so wonderful to see all these signs of life around me.

I’m excited to be able to start planting soon.


~Gardening is my therapy~

Is It Spring Yet?!

I really need it to be spring already so I can get out in my garden.  As I’ve written at the end of each of my previous gardening posts ~ “Gardening is my therapy.” And it really is…

A friend posted this picture on Facebook earlier today and I was like “Oh man, I hear ya.”  I totally relate.  For me, gardening is truly one of the most therapeutic and rewarding activities that I know of.


It used to be that by this time of year I would be well underway with whatever gardening plans/projects I had in mind for the upcoming growing season, but in not having a place to garden in recent years, I got out of the habit.

Well, with having put in my raised vegetable garden bed at my mom’s place last summer, and now with my also living here, I’m gradually starting to contemplate what I want to do out there this year.

But it’s kinda hard to get motivated with all of the snow that is still out there, and there is a winter weather advisory in the forecast for overnight tonight and tomorrow.  Ugh.  As much as I enjoy the beauty of the snow, I’ve definitely had my fill of it.  This winter has seemed so long and it really needs to be done now.  Just look at the contrast from what the weather was like at this same time last year… “Lets Talk About The Weather”

Earlier this winter I took a sort of “green and growing things mental health day” and went to The Conservatory at Como Zoo.  It’s so very lovely there and it felt so good to be amidst all of the life and living things during the dead of winter.  Another visit to The Conservatory may be in order just to get me through the rest of winter.

I was mostly there to just enjoy the atmosphere, but here are a few photos I happened to snap while I was there…

Omygosh can you say “Pretty in pink?”   Ah, the beauty, my eyes, what a delight.


The scent of lilies can be very strong, but it was so refreshing to me.


More pink-ness…


And here’s a white that is prettier than the snow…


The Como Zoo Conservatory has different themes and gardening exhibits/attractions going on throughout the year, I think I definitely will go and pay them another visit to see the latest.  Maybe I’ll even head over there during the winter storm tomorrow, just out of spite.  😉

Do you have any gardening plans underway?  I would love to hear about them.  That way I can live vicariously through yours until I start my own when this snow finally clears out…


Adventures in Gardening Part 33 ~ Winding Down

Guess I’m just about finished with this year’s gardening adventures.  It was down right cold out this morning and I’m afraid the temps are soon going to dip down far enough to bring an end to the last remaining growing things in my tiny garden.  I love fall, but it is always sad to have to say goodbye to the growing season.

I really hope the cold weather holds off long enough for my bell peppers to finish turning yellow.  I’ve been waiting forever~

There are still tons of jalapenos growing out there too, although most of them are much smaller in size now.  ~

That’s about it for what is still growing out there as far a veggies go.  I also have some celery struggling along after being shaded all season by my zucchini and a bunch of tiny green tomatoes I don’t have much hope for.

My herbs are still thriving and I will be very sad to see them go.  I’m still looking into seeing if I can bring my lavender inside over the winter to keep it going, I love it so much!

The blooming things are also winding down.  In my Mmm Autumn post I mentioned that I was digging out my old camera to get reacquainted with because my daughter didn’t like me using hers so much, and I was hoping that it would take as nice of photos.  Well, I am pleased to report that I believe it does.  I was very happy with the way this next shot turned out while I was experimenting with it…

The Sedum I planted for my mom years ago is blooming and I caught a fuzzy little bumble bee enjoying this one.  🙂~

In fact, the bumble bees are very active right now ~ I was also able to catch this one sampling my mint blossoms.I’m not a huge fan of bees in general, but the fuzzy bumblers are kinda cute and it’s always a good sign to see them buzzing around my plants. 🙂


I’m so grateful to have been able to have a garden this year after being without one for the past few years.  It was a completely new way of gardening for me ~ going from having acres of land out in the country to a tiny 4 x 8 raised box in the heart of the city, but even having only that small bit of growing space fed not only my body, but my soul as well…

~Gardening is my therapy~

Adventures in Gardening Part 25 ~ First Pickin’s

♫ “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it.” ♫

Just picked my first zucchini!  It’s a bit odd shaped, but I’m sure it will still be yummy, and I can’t wait to eat it!  There are TONS more out there growing too ~  maybe those overly gigantic leaves of theirs act as some sort of solar panels.  😉~

I also picked my first handful of lettuce and used it in the BLT’s my mom made for supper!  It was pretty tasty!  And not an ant or an aphid were to be found.  🙂~

Finally… the first blooms on my jalapeno peppers.~

And look!  My cucumbers are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and hanging down through the trellis.  That’s gonna make for some easy pickins later.  It’s not so easy however, to get them to climb properly up my trellis.  I have a feeling they are going to become somewhat of a jungle and get completely out of control over time.  But hey, as long as they yield me some delicious cukes, I’m not gonna complain!   ♫ “I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.” ♫  ~

Here are some colorful coleus that I have growing in one of my pots.  So pretty!~

And I noticed today that one of the varieties of Hosta that my mom has growing is starting to develop buds ~ looks like these are going to be a pale pinkish lavender color.  How lovely… ~

~Gardening is my therapy~