Earth Day 2014


Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter…

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being a good steward of this beautiful Earth is always in season.



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Saturday Morning Cat Tales

Once upon a time, there was a sweet little cat named Baby, who loved to eat and sleep, and chase light beams.  She was a very good little kitty, and unlike other cats, she never caused any trouble or got into any mischief.

But she did tend to vomit a lot.

And one night she threw up and made a terrible mess,

this caused her human momma much distress.

Then she pawed at her momma and was quite a pest,

not giving her momma a wink of rest.

Even though her momma’s patience was put to the test,

she could never be cross at such adorableness…


And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.



Yep, I’m definitely gonna need a nap later after my night filled with cat vomit and pawing, but I love this precious little creature more than I can say.  <3


 ✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Shocking News!


Hey guess what?  It snowed here again in Minnesota.  Typical.



Well, even with as much as I’m longing for the return of the green and growing things, I’m not gonna let a little thing like getting a bit of snow in the springtime get me down.  There is still beauty to be found.  Everyone is all in an uproar about it, complaining.  Hush now people, it’s gonna melt.

Last year it snowed in May.  Now that was something to gripe about.  ;)


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Blood Moon

There was a lunar eclipse last night.  Or this morning to be more precise, and it was amazing!  I set my alarm clock for 2 a.m. but woke up on my own at around 1:45.  I was disappointed at first, to wake up and find cloudy skies when the weather forecast had called for clear skies, but after about 30 minutes the clouds drifted away and I was able to see the Blood Moon.

I woke up my daughter and my mom and they got up to have a peek at it too.  They thought it was cool, but shortly afterward returned to their beds.  I think it was only a big deal to me.  If you’ve been here with me for a while, you know that I sort have a thing for the moon.  I love the moon.  And the moon loves me.  And I wasn’t going to miss seeing it be all fancy-like and showing off, so I stayed up to watch it by myself.

Well, I wasn’t completely alone, my cat Sugar was up with me, rubbing her sweet little head against me and purring.  But I’m pretty sure that was only because she wanted food, she didn’t have the slightest clue or care one bit that there was a super cool eclipse happening.  My other cat Baby, slept through all of the excitement without a care in the world; never leaving my bed, and staying snuggled underneath the covers.  You would think animals would show a bit more of an interest when special things in nature are going on, you know…  with their primal instincts and all.  Not my animals apparently.

Oh!  But speaking of primal… I swear I heard the sound of drums beating while I was watching the eclipse.  Really, I’m not kidding!  Thinking it was coming from outside, I even opened the window to get a better listen, but I couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from.  I’m not in the habit of hearing things that aren’t really there, so I was definitely hearing something, but I have no idea what the heck it was.  So weird.  It was kinda cool though and it made the mood of the experience more interesting.

After a while I decided to go grab my phone and text a friend of mine who I was talking to earlier about the eclipse to see if she was up watching it.  She was.  And she was out taking pictures of it.

I’ve mentioned a few times in the past how (much to my disappointment) my humble little camera isn’t able to capture photographs of the moon, but my friend’s camera can, and look at this great photo she captured during the eclipse of the Blood Moon…  It looks rosy pink!!!


I love it, so cool!

(If you click on the photo it will bring you to her Flickr photostream where she has some of her other lovely nature photography posted.)


I never did go back to sleep, and I’m very tired, a nap will definitely be in order today, but it was totally worth it.  The wonders of the universe delight and amaze me!  <3

How about you?  Did you see it where you are?


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Easter Lily


Purity, hope, virtue and peace

her essence embodies each of these.

A symbol of grace and of life made new

she scents the air with a divine perfume.

© Julie Rehnelt 2014



✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Caged No More

“No longer bound by your infirmities on earth

you now fly free on wings of the spirit

caged no more”

© Julie Rehnelt 2014



I was so sad to learn today that Leuc, a bald eagle at the Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine died this week.  My daughter and I had just visited him and the other raptors at the center in January, when I snapped the above photo of him.  Such an amazing, majestic creature, my amateur photography doesn’t do justice to this truly remarkable animal.

I follow the Raptor Center on Facebook and came across the following article while going through my news-feed this morning…   So sad.  :/


To let you know a bit more about Leuc, I copied and pasted the below information about him from the Raptor Center’s website, I imagine they’ll be changing/updating their write-up of him now that he has passed.

 Ed Bird Leuc

Leuc’s story:

Leuc was found in Hayward, Wis., alongside a highway with an injured right wing. A veterinarian in Hayward received the bird and cared for him for a few months, but it became apparent that his wing was not healing normally. The eagle was admitted to The Raptor Center on August 31, 1983. A physical exam and x-rays revealed that his right shoulder joint had been severely injured and had healed in a way that limited the wing’s range of movement. Unfortunately, Leuc would never fly again. He was transferred to the education department and named “Leuc” in reference to the bald eagle’s scientific name, Haliaeetus leucocephalus. Leuc was a very popular ambassador bird and frequently traveled to offsite programs. A news article from the late 1990s describes him as The Raptor Center’s most-photographed eagle. Unfortunately, in March 1999, Leuc started showing signs of lameness. An x-ray revealed a small lump in the flexor tendon, above the left hock joint. Despite being taken off display for a number of weeks, there were no signs of improvement, so on May 4, Leuc underwent surgery in which a pea-sized mass was removed. The mass was part of a “fibrosarcoma,” or cancerous tumor. Surgery to remove the tumor would cause permanent lameness. Radiation was the best option. Although there was little known about cancer treatment in raptors, Leuc’s treatment was successful and subsequent radiographs showed the mass was gone. Leuc is retired from programs now, but continues to educate in his new home—his display mew—in the lobby of The Raptor Center.

So sad is the loss of this lovely creature, but he’s free now, as an eagle should be…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Spring Has Finally Sprung

We had glorious weather over the weekend.  Well… it was glorious to me.  That nine inches of snow we got from the winter storm last Friday has all melted away, and there’s new life sprouting up from the ground!  I do believe spring has finally sprung!

It was so many years ago that I planted this flower bed for my mom that I can’t recall exactly what is where, but I think these are Allium…


And I think these are yellow Tulips…


I can’t wait until they bloom!  The greenery you see is Lamium that has completely taken over the flower bed ~ I didn’t realize the variety I planted was a ground cover type.  I’ve been yanking it out here and there since I moved in, trying to make it grow where I want it to, but it’s a persistent little plant with a mind of its own.  It is lovely when the delicate little pink bells are blooming though.

Also the Lilac has buds!


One of my most favorite of all springtime blooms, so deliciously fragrant!     I’ve mentioned in earlier posts that my Grandpa planted this Lilac bush for my Grandma over 70 years ago.  Little did he know when he planted it all those years ago that his Granddaughter and Great Granddaughter would be living in this house someday and enjoying it too.  :)


It will still be a while yet before I can begin planting my vegetables, but spring has definitely arrived here in Minnesota and it’s so wonderful.

Happy Monday!

Peace & Love…

~Gardening is my therapy~