Rollin’ on the River

 I got the new bike I was dreaming about that I shared with you in my post:  Let it Ride, and it’s like peddling on a cloud!  I can’t even tell you what a difference it makes on my knees, and it’s so unbelievably comfortable, I feel I could ride it across the entire country!  Well… as long as I didn’t have to go up any hills.  ;)

I thought I loved riding a bicycle before, but this new bike has multiplied that love by ten thousand!  I’m so very thankful to my family for pulling the funds together as an early birthday gift and helping me get it!  <3

I went online and printed up a few biking trail maps, in addition to reading tons of information on bicycling in Minneapolis.  Apparently, Minneapolis was ranked #2 as one of the best biking cities by Bicycling Magazine, and is 4th in the nation.  I’d say my odds are great for being able to get around in the city on my bicycle, and I’ve already been out exploring and having wonderful time!

I’m especially excited about finding a few paths along the Mississippi River where I don’t have to endure any significant hills or overpasses to go up to get to.  I mentioned before that I only live like 4 blocks from the  river, but that it’s a busy street that runs along on my side of it, well I found that with only spending just a short time riding on that busy street, I can get to some lovely trails along the river.


One area that is easy to get to is Boom Island Park, and on my very first day with my new bike I took a ride there with my daughter.  It was evening actually, when I snapped this photo of her with my cell phone as she was looking out at the river.  She loves the water as much as I do, and we have went to this same spot a number of times since that first day…



I also found another bike path along the river that’s a bit further away, which is nice when we want a longer ride.  I thought this train bridge was kinda cool looking, so I stopped one day while we were riding past and snapped a photo of it…



Much of the time it’s evening when we go out bike riding, it’s nice then because there’s less traffic and cooler temps.  Although this sunset isn’t anything extraordinary, it was a lovely ending to our ride before we headed home…



Home…  a view across the river of downtown Minneapolis.  Not the best view of our city’s skyline, but it was fun to happen upon this little opening between the trees to sneak peek at the city, and I love the way the buildings reflect on the water…



I also love the beauty of nature that is all around the city, especially along the river.  On the path that runs along that train bridge, I came across a little cluster of milkweed growing, it smelled amazing on the breeze as I rode by, and when I saw the monarchs fluttering around amidst it, I stopped and tried to take a photo, but it was too far away to get a decent shot.  Still pretty though.  :)




I’m so enjoying these bike rides rollin’ on the river, but I’ve also been rollin’ other places on my bike too.  Like running short errands to the Post Office and to the Co-op.   On Sunday when my sister was here, we all rode our bikes to the Open Streets event in the neighborhood, and that was a fun experience.  I think I’ll make the next errand on my bike to the library.  On our rides back and forth to Boom Island, I noticed there is a library located in the old Grain Belt Brewery building, it looks pretty cool and I’m excited to check it out!  :D


I hope there are exciting things in store for you too!  Happy Monday and may this week be a wonderful one!


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

The Start of Something Beautiful


This could be the start of something beautiful

as with a bud about to bloom

releasing the glorious scent of love.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014





I was so pleased to notice yesterday that the phlox in the flower bed are just beginning to bloom ~ definitely the start of something beautiful:D


May your day be filled with beauty, and with…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

Finding the Balance


“I will love the light for it shows me the way

yet I will love the darkness for it shows me the stars.”

~ Og Mandino



And I will love this quote, for it shows such a beautiful perspective!

If you let it sink in, it really speaks volumes doesn’t?  That beauty and good can be found in both the light and the darkness.  Usually the light is considered a positive thing and the darkness is considered a negative thing, but both are actually the same.  Now, before you think I’ve gone completely off the deep end here, let me try and explain what I mean.

Obviously they’re not really literally the same, in fact they’re complete opposites, but positive and negative (good and bad) can be found in both.  The light isn’t all good and the darkness isn’t all bad.  Here is an example of something I read the other day that follows along that similar train of thought…  “If you stare at the sun, which is pure light, what happens?  You become blind.  If you are standing in a sealed room with no light, what happens?  You are again blind.  Therefore, both light and darkness are bad and yet, both are good.  In order to see we must block out some of the light as well as some of the darkness.”

It’s all about finding the balance isn’t it?

Being the eternal optimist that I am, it may be a bit easier sometimes for me to look at things in this way, as I have a tendency to always look at the bright side.  But I have had my share of troubles in life, some of which have been utterly devastating to me, so I’ve spent time in the darkness.  And I’m thankful to have in that darkness, looked up and been able to see the stars.


And the other day as I was tending my garden I looked up and saw a ‘star’ of a different sort…


What can I say… leaves sometimes remind me of stars.  :D



Wishing you light to show you the way today, and darkness to show you the stars…


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1


Head First


Dive in, head first

feed the hunger, quench your thirst

Nectar sweet, taste divine

luscious treats from the vine.


© Julie Rehnelt 2014





My cucumbers are exploding with blossoms out in the garden and the bees are having themselves a delicious little banquet.

As am I…


So crisp and refreshing on a hot summer day!


May your day be filled with crisp, refreshing things too.  Dive in head first and taste all of the wonderful things this life has to offer!  :D


✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

It’s the Simple Things


“It’s life’s simple pleasures that my heart truly treasures

a daisy so bright and sweet.

A stroll through the garden on a warm summer mornin’

and the earth beneath my feet.”


© Julie Rehnelt 2014




I found this little sweetie blooming in the garden this morning.  I didn’t plant it so I’m not sure how it got there or what it is ~ probably just a weed, but its bloom reminds me of a daisy.  I adore daisies, their simple beauty is so charming and refreshing to me.  <3


I hope you’re feeling refreshed as a new week begins, wishing you joy in your heart and light to shine on your path.


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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Growing Things Make Me Happy

Every day I am amazed when I go out to the garden and see everything that is going on out there, it truly is such a joy and a delight to me, and I’m so thankful to have my little area here to grow things.  <3

It’s all doing so well too, and I’ve got the pictures to prove it. ;)


Starting with some of the lovely blooms going on out there…

Lilies.  In pink…


And in yellow…


And the Hosta are just starting to bloom…



And it isn’t just the flowers that have lovely blooms, my veggies are also getting in on the act.  I think these blossoms on my jalapeno plant are so pretty too…


And its babies aren’t babies anymore, these are just about ready to pick…


Also just about ready to pick are my cukes.  I found these two little gems hiding underneath a couple of giant leaves…


And though these tomatoes won’t be ready yet for quite some time, they are coming along splendidly…


My green beans are also coming along splendidly.  There are gazillions of them out there!  I don’t have a picture of them though, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  ;)

There are also gazillions of mushrooms popping up everywhere because of all the rain we’ve had.  I found this little fellow growing in the pot with my peas…


Mushrooms are so cute!

My peas are still struggling and now it’s getting a bit late in the growing season for them, but I did get a few sweet tastys out of them, and maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised and find this later batch I sowed will do well.  Always best to think positive!  :D

Even when it comes to “weeds.”  There are lots of clover blooming all over…


I don’t care if it’s considered a bit of a nuisance in the lawn, I adore clover.  Its scent is so sweet and so are its cute leaves and little blossoms. <3


Growing things make me happy!

It’s going to be a gorgeous day and I don’t want to let it get away, so I’m off to spend it outdoors.  May your day be filled with what makes you happy, and with peace and love.


~Gardening is my therapy~




Let it Ride

Ah, how I love riding my bicycle, it’s my favorite form of exercise ~ pedaling, gliding along, free, the wind in my hair…

I’ve strayed quite a bit from riding it regularly though since moving back to the city.  Mostly because it’s not as relaxing to ride it amidst all the crazy traffic, but also because my knees have gotten so bad that they’re really pained afterward.  Not to mention I’ve been busy with other things and just haven’t made it a part of my regular routine.  But that’s all about to change…

I hope.

I did some riding last summer looking for a route on the city streets with less traffic where I could ride comfortably, and I did find some quiet side streets, but the scenery wasn’t all that great.  Where I really want to ride is by the water.  The Mississippi River is only 4 blocks from my house, but there is a busy street that runs along it, so even though it’s by the water, it’s anything but relaxing with all the traffic.  There’s a bike path on the other side of the river, but I’d have to go up a monstrous hill over a bridge that would kill my knees, and walking my bike up over it would be worse, as walking hurts my knees even more.  So I’d most likely need to put the bike rack on the back of my truck, throw my bike up on that, and then drive over it.  Bothers.  If I have to use my bike rack (which is a hassle all in itself) and drive someplace, I’d rather drive a bit farther and ride my bike around the Lake of the Isles.  It’s round, so there’s no backtracking (I hate backtracking, just ask my sister), it’s flat, so there’s no knee killing hills, there’s a designated bike path, so there’s no traffic to contend with (except to drive there), and it’s a lovely area.  I used to take my daughter there in her stroller when she was a baby and walk the dogs around it every day.  Ah, such precious memories.  <3

But ideally, I’d really rather set out on my bike directly from the house, and not use the gas to drive somewhere to ride, so I’m going to keep looking for a bike path to hook up with that runs along the river ~ or maybe find a bridge to cross with less steep of a hill.  I’ve also been thinking more about riding my bike to run short errands instead of driving as well, and I bought a little basket to attach to my handle bars to use for carrying things picked up on small errands.  Of course, there I’d definitely have to contend with traffic in coming and going, but I wouldn’t be out riding for pleasure at those times anyways, so I’d just deal with it.

What is hard to deal with though is my painful knees.  I had to bring my bike into the bike shop last week to have my back tire fixed, and I got to talking to one of the guys there about my knees, he suggested a different style of bike that might be easier on them ~  Fuji’s Barnebey 7 LS.  It’s not the most attractive looking bike, but I took one for a test ride and it rode like a dream, and didn’t pain my knees at all.  But whoa was it ever expensive ~ over $400!  I don’t know about you, but I don’t have $400 just laying around to spend on a bicycle, and it would be difficult to justify, especially when I already have a bike.   But I really want to incorporate riding my bike more often into my life, and with these knees… I need one more suitable.  So I am contemplating trying to rearrange my funds a bit to see if I could come up with the money.  My birthday is only a month away, so maybe I could hint around to a few family members to help.  ;)

Regardless, I’m going to keep trying to get out there on my bike, even if I have to overly pace myself as to not injure my knees.

“Try, try, try.  Let it ride.”  


I snapped this photo of my bike in front of a cool mural that’s painted on the side of a building down the street from our house while out riding with my daughter the other day…


Looks like a nice flat riding surface with no traffic.  If only there was a lake or a river painted next to it…  ;)


✿~Peace & Love~✿

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