“We are mosaics-

pieces of light, love, history, stars-

glued together

with magic and music and words.”

~ Anita Krizzan


I came across the above quote the other day while out shopping with my daughter and granddaughter and it brought tears to my eyes.  I don’t know why, but it just really struck a chord.

I’ve been running a bit on empty these days, working at two different jobs and only having one day off per week.  But I have found a few moments here and there along the way to fill my tank.  Coming across this quote was one of them, it stopped me right in my tracks  – I don’t ever want to get so busy that I lose sight of what a miraculous gift life truly is…  Every. Single. Breath…

Wishing you moments of beauty, awareness and discovery as you go through this day…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1

16 responses to “Mosaics

  1. Beautiful quote and photo Julie. I’m glad you found a moment to reconnect with the preciousness of life. I hope you find a way to create your own mosaic with the two jobs, family, blog, and self-care. Hugs and thanksgiving blessings.

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  2. Truly beautiful, Julie!! 💞

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  3. Beautiful quote, Julie. Take care of yourself, okay? Hope your Thanksgiving is a relaxing one. ❤

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    • Thank you Eliza, I will, it’s just taking me a while to adjust.
      We’re hosting Thanksgiving here, so I’m not sure how ‘relaxing’ it will be haha! But I fully intend on keeping my focus on my gratitude for the loved ones around me and not on all of the hustle and bustle of all there is to do. 🙂 I’m wishing you a relaxing Thanksgiving too, and many blessings! ❤

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  4. It is a really beautiful quote. Pieces of light — I love that.

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  5. Yes Jewels I know what you mean, and what a blessing to be nudged back into the beautiful reality of the wonder and mystery that makes up our life. We have so much to be thankful for from our loving Father.

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  6. Glad you weren’t too busy for that

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