Adventures in Gardening Part 19 ~ Of Bugs & Blooms

Well… it was nice while it lasted…

but the bugs have found their way to my new cucumbers.  😦~

They’re also doing quite a bit of munching on my mint. I’m not really wanting to spray my mint with my garlic pepper spray since I plan to make tea with it.  As much as I love garlic… garlic flavored tea = yuck!


We had fun picking some strawberries over at my sis’s today, but then imagine my heartbreak when I discovered this hole in my own newly ripening little strawberry.  😦I’m trying to decide if I should just leave this guy on the vine for the bugs to continue to chomp on so they don’t go after the others that are starting to ripen or not.  But heck if I’m not gonna be able to eat it then the stupid bugs shouldn’t be able to either!  Also I’d rather the plant focus its energy on the developing of the still healthy fruits.


But hey my gardening news isn’t all bad…

Look!  I have little shoots forming at the base of my zucchini!  Pretty soon there will be lovely bright orange blossoms on the ends of those shoots and then… yummy zucchinis for me to eat!I know it’s a bit premature, but I have already been busy getting lots of new zucchini recipes to try out.  🙂  I freaking love zucchini!


And here is a flower starting to develop on one of my tomato plants.~

There are also quite a few flowers blooming on my peas.  I just love their cute little blooms! They’re so darling!~

My Bee Balm is blooming more each day.  Hopefully it’ll soon be helping to attract the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to my new garden!~

My mom’s bright beautiful Stella De Oro Lilies are blooming.~

And just take a look at her pretty Asiatic Lilies…These are just so lovely and fragrant.  I had a wonderful time photographing them.   🙂


~Gardening is my therapy~

16 responses to “Adventures in Gardening Part 19 ~ Of Bugs & Blooms

  1. Love the beautiful flowers. So pretty and inviting. 🙂


  2. Gardens are a work of art. Loving all the blooms.


    • Thanks Cher, me too! 🙂 Yes, they are. I really miss my flower beds ~ spending all that creative energy and thought to arranging and planting various things together to create a beautiful floral work of art. I’m so thankful to my mom letting me “use” her yard. Little did I know all those years ago when I put in her flower bed, that it would be giving me so much pleasure now. 🙂 All of nature is a beautiful canvas of colors and shapes, smells and textures. And I’m also thankful for my 5 senses so I can enjoy it all!


  3. BaaBee Loves Kitties

    Good morning~flowers are beautiful~just like you~ 🙂
    We have a trumpet vine growing right around our front door. We also have something called “Monkey Faces” which have a really old fashioned leaves on them & gorgeous purple trumpet shaped flowers~
    Have you ever heard of these?


  4. It all looks wonderful! I can sympathize with you over the bugs. Grasshoppers are starting to do some damage to my garden, especially to the mint and chrysanthemums.


    • Thank you Laurie! I know, those darn bugs! I really hope they don’t do too much more damage to your mint and chrysanthemums ~ nor to mine. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  5. BaaBee Loves Kitties

    They have buds on them now~I will get Allan to take a pic for me when they bloom & I will post it for you~
    Purple~Love~ 🙂


  6. The garden is looking nice, Julie! I really like all the pretty colors of your flowers, and hopefully your tomatoes and zucchini will come in just fine too 🙂


  7. Oh, Jewels! I wish those bugs would just leave your garden alone!
    What kind of mint is it? It doesn’t usually require any feeding/fertilizer. We used to ignore it and let it be. There was mint all over our yard last year. I don’t know what happened to it this year.
    My husband is worried about the strawberries and the birds. He asked me to paint a bunch of red rocks before they ripen to scatter them about, it’s supposed to fool them, then when the berries come, they ignore them, thinking they will be stones. If it works, I am going to lose twenty dollars! LOL! We grew the berries in the greenhouse last year.
    Zucchini! I love it too! Just can’t wait. Hope you post some of your recipes! We usually just grill ours on the bbq with other veggies.
    Your flowers are so beautiful! Bee Balm…I grew some from seed last year but it didn’t grow all that well, this year they came back and I’m just waiting to see them bloom!
    Take care!


    • I know! The stupid dummies! The mint I have is an apple-mint. It’s smells so amazing and I was looking forward to using it for tea. 😦 Maybe I still can, if the bugs don’t completely demolish it. Grrr! I was thinking that maybe there would be something else I could stuff into the pot with it to help deter the bugs, but I just don’t want anything to alter the flavor. That is so funny about the red rock painting! Are you gonna do it?! That would be so cool if it worked! I will definitely post any zucchini recipes that I come across that are worth sharing. Thank you, flowers make my world go around. 😉 I love Bee Balm so much. I hope yours blooms beautifully this year. 🙂


      • Mmmmm….apple mint. Never had that! I am going to paint the rocks. I bet him it wouldn’t work but who knows? He usually ends up being right ALL the time.
        Can’t wait to see what you make with your zucchini!
        I had never seen a bee balm before last year. Looked on the packet in a store and fell in love. Crossing my fingers that they do well this year! Your lilies are lovely!


      • I’ve never had apple-mint before either, I usually like chocolate-mint, but once I had a whiff of this I knew we were destined to be together ~ now if the stupid bugs would just… “bug-off” me and my mint could live happily ever after. 😉 I’m glad you’re going to try the painted rocks, let us all know if by some odd chance it happens to work ~ you just never know about these things sometimes. It was the scent that hooked me on the Bee Balm. The blooms and the foliage have such a pleasing fragrance to me. Thank you, I planted those lilies for my mom many years ago, I’m so glad they are still blooming after all of this time!


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