Mandala Monday – August

The month of August sort of signals the end of summer, which can be a bit depressing to realize, but there are a lot of wonderful and beautiful things about the month of August…

For one, I love all of the gorgeous late summer flowers that are blooming everywhere – sunflowers, lilies, phlox (whose scent is completely intoxicating here at the moment, by the way), coneflowers, liatris, and black-eyed susan, just to name a few.  And it’s also when my vegetable garden starts kicking out lots of yummy things – for example, my zucchini (as you may have seen in my post the other day), and also beans, jalapeno peppers, and the first of my cucumbers are just about ready to pick.  August is a very rewarding time in the garden.  😊

For two – it’s my birthday month, and I tend to celebrate it all month long, which is always fun, and this year is no exception – I’ve already started before the calendar has even turned to August by going to see the butterfly exhibit at my local zoo and conservatory with my daughter and granddaughter last week.  And I also went to the salon this past weekend to get my hair color freshened up and to get a bit of pampering before my birthday.  My stylist, who is also a good friend of mine, gave me an early birthday present – a gorgeous book about lavender that had belonged to her late mother, such a beautiful and meaningful gift.  I browsed through it while my hair was processing and it was the perfect reading material to enhance my pampering session.  Ah lavender… 💜

For three – August is when the Minnesota Renaissance Festival starts and that is something I love going to each year.  I’m looking forward to going with my new bionic knees this year (even though they are still paining me a bit), hopefully I’ll have an easier time walking around and enjoying all of the festivities there.  I have a new project that I’m working on for my costume this year too – a staff/walking stick that I hope to embellish to make it look more magical.  Yeah, I know that’s totally nerdy, but I don’t care, I chose long ago to embrace my inner nerd.  🙃

Another fun thing that is happening this particular August is a solar eclipse, and I plan on going on a little road trip with a good friend of mine to see it.  We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but we are thinking of making a week of it.  She is bringing her camper, so we plan to camp somewhere that is nearby one of the areas of totality of the eclipse.  I haven’t been camping in ages, so I’m a little apprehensive about that part of it.  But as you all know – I LOVE being out in nature, so that will be the wonderful part of it.  Hopefully we have good weather and clear skies during the eclipse, so we can get the full effect and awe factor.  I love the sky and all things astronomical!  Speaking of astronomical events, August also is the time of the Perseid meteor shower, and who doesn’t love shooting stars?!  🌠

So even though August signals the end of summer and the weather sometimes gets too hot and humid, there are lots of things to look forward to and enjoy about August as well.  Plus, it does mean that fall is just around the corner, and fall is my favorite!  🍁🍂

But I’m rambling and this post is supposed to be about my mandalas haha!  So let me get to sharing a few of the ones I’ve painted recently…


This one was partly inspired by my trumpet vine that I have growing up the fence on my patio where I paint.  These colors speak August to me…

So warm and summery!  ☀️

And this one, although not inspired by my phlox, looks lovely pictured with them…

I painted this tile a bit differently.  I wanted the center design to stand out more prominently, but I also didn’t want to leave the corners plain, so rather than continue around the center design, I improvised and painted the corners separately instead.  It’s pretty, but I’m not sure how I feel about it – the corners look a little too separated from the center, what do you think?


This one also speaks August to me, although not necessarily for the same reasons as the first one, it reminds me of peridot, which is the birthstone for August…

It also reminds me a bit of clover leaves, so I took a picture of it amidst the clover leaves in my yard…

That’s a whole lot of green!  ☘  This one is a good example of why I don’t always want to continue around the center design, because it takes away from it.  I snapped a few pictures of the progress of this mandala that will show what I mean…

See what I mean?  The finished piece just looks a little too busy or something and the center design gets a bit lost.  That’s why I made the corners like I did on the one pictured with the phlox.  But like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about that either hah!

I guess it’s just a continual learning process, right?  As is all of life…  🙃


Happy Monday and happy August 1st tomorrow.  I wish you many blessings in the coming week and in month ahead…




✿~Peace & Love~✿

Peace and Love 1



33 responses to “Mandala Monday – August

  1. Girlfriend… your work is simply enchanting. AND Happy Birthday month to you!! ❤ and many more

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  2. How fun Julie! Happy birthday month and way to kick off the celebrations with so many fun plans. Maybe next year I’ll be as proactive with birthday celebrations. Enjoy!

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    • Thanks Brad! I ‘blame” my mom for my month-long birthday celebrations –
      growing up, she always made my birthdays feel extra special, and the rest of my family always does as well. ❤ August is usually a pretty fun month for me. 😊
      Yours is in the spring, right? There’s a whole lot of wonderfulness going on at that time of the year that you could tie in with your birthday – all that new life going on is an inspiration for cherishing and celebrating the life you’ve been given. I always get very reflective around my birthday in regard to things like that. 😊


  3. They’re all beautiful! Can you share some of your patience? I love the one by your phlox. I think the corners make you feel like there is more beyond the edges, it keeps flowing. ❤️

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    • Thanks Dorinda! I don’t normally think of myself as a patient person, but I guess it does take a bit of patience to paint these, as they take me at least three hours to make. But the time goes by really fast while I’m at it so there isn’t anything to be patient about – I’m just enjoying watching the design unfold with each new dot and layer. 😊 Thanks for your input about the mandala design with the corners – there is always more beyond the edges isn’t there, always a bigger picture that we sometimes cant see… ❤

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  4. Beautiful, I love all of them!! 💕🙂

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  5. All of these are so beautiful! I think my favorite is the first one and the color combination in it. I love the positive way you portray August – it definitely helped me to cheer up! 🙂 August is my birth month as well! Happy early birthday to you!


  6. I love all the Leos, and the sunflowers, and the garden is much more productive, and the kids go back to school, and we have the state fair and our anniversary and so, like you, I love August ❤
    There are only two things I don't love about August — it's too hot, and it's our most expensive month. I just feel the rest of that makes up for it! 🙂
    I like the phlox mandala, and did not find the 'error' until you pointed it out. The colors are wonderful, and I love the corners.

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  7. Happy Birthday Jewels😊🎂🍷 how wonderful to be celebrating your life for a whole month. God bless you as we celebrate you and your warm passionate heart for all things beautiful

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  8. I am loving these nature-inspired mandalas, Julie. So beautiful and mesmerizing.
    And Happy August Birthday to you – sounds like you are going to have a wonderful celebration!

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  9. Lovely mandalas. Enjoy your birthday month

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  10. How did I miss this?! I read your comment in Joey’s post and headed right on over here. Happy Birthday to you, Julie. Yes, a month long celebration sounds right. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear about your renaissance costume. We have a Renaissance Festival here in town, but yours sounds way better! Anyhow, hope your Monday was good and your Wednesday is better. XO

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    • Thanks, Lois! ❤
      I've actually hit a bit of a snag with my staff/walking stick project and may not be able to complete it in time for Renfest this year. But I'm gonna keep mulling it around in my brain and hope inspiration strikes. 🙂
      Do you go to the Renfest that you have down there?

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      • We have gone a few years, but it is getting a bit pricey so think we will skip this year. The costumes and entertainment are great though–especially the jousting!


  11. Happy birthday month Julie! It’s sounds like it will be full of fun 😎 I love your mandalas in nature’s settings!.

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  12. Happy Birthday Month! I love your mandalas. They are so pretty and I love the colors you chose for each.

    I used to hate August as much as I hate July but the last few years I’ve learned to appreciate the little hints of autumn that begin mid-month. I look forward to reading about your August/birthday month adventures!

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    • Thanks so much! I know what you mean, already this August I’m definitely seeing hints of autumn, even in the temps – temps got down into the 50s the other day, I heard we had the coolest temps in the whole country that day. Haha I love it!


      • We were having a pretty pleasant summer (temps in the 70’s in the day and mid 50’s at night) until this week. Then summer seemed to remember us and send some payback! Still, we should start seeing/feeling hints of fall in the next few weeks. I love it too!

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  13. Wow! 🎆🎋 Smiles, Robin

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  14. My god these are so so Beautiful ❤❤❤

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